Wrea Green Village Plan Summary

Our Environment and Landscape Joint Lancashire Structure Plan/Fylde Local Plan Proposals: Renewal and enhancement of the landscape by woodland and hedgerow management, pond conservation and creation, sympathetic new woodland planting and creation of wetland and other semi-natural habitats and habitat links. Village Plan Proposals: Support Structure and Local Plans Consider extension of conservation area. The Green Conserve and enhance the essential open character Resist additional tree planting and formal flower beds Continue programme of maintenance and improvement for amenity and sports use. The Dub Manage habitat diversity Monitor erosion Manage ducks/waterfowl and feeding Monitor water quality Monitor/review fishing permit scheme Small Greens Enhance the setting of the Millennium Clock Introduce hanging basket trees/floral displays on the small green in front of the Spar/Post Office Footpath Network Enhance and extend public footpath network Improve signage/stiles Encourage verge and hedgerow management Introduce wild flowers to verges Promote greater public awareness e.g. leaflets/maps etc Street Furniture Rationalise street furniture styles/colours Phase replacement of old concrete-ended benches around The Green with well-designed timber benches Village Entrances Introduce Welcome signs Promote hedgerow/verge management Introduce bulb planting to verges Wray Crescent and Playground Improve landscaping at entrance to Wray Crescent Consider floral displays/permanent landscaping Encourage hedgerow management at playground Ensure permanent landscaping to any additional future facilities Develop land surrounding the playground into a Village park Other green spaces within the Village: These include the War Memorial Garden; Church Garden; School Garden; public open space at Beverley Close, The Brooklands, Willow Drive, First Avenue/Station Road and the rich and diverse private gardens. Continue management and encourage enhancement/development e.g. Northwest in Bloom Competition Continue participation in Fylde in Bloom Environmental Issues Recycling Encourage waste minimalisation and recycling Encourage the use of the Institute’s bottle bank Eco Schools’ programme. Litter Increase community awareness and responsibility Improve co-ordination with Fylde Borough Council cleansing services Dog Control: Raise public awareness of the issue Encourage the two Fylde Borough Council Dog Wardens to be more vigilant in the Village Encourage dog owners to be more responsible and be aware of health hazards, particularly for children Investigate the provision of more dog waste bins Village Hall (without any outdoor sports facilities) Proposals Consult with Wrea Green Institute to obtain their agreement in principle to use part of their land, within their own requirements Consider possible methods of access Consult with Fylde Borough Council and Lancashire Highways Directorate Revive the Wrea Green Village Hall Committee Draw up plans Applications for funding will submitted to various bodies, with the help of Fylde Borough Council officers Start fundraising Community Welfare Proposals: Create a Welfare Committee within and specifically for the Village Provide accommodation for the service providers Advertise the various social/community groups within the Village, their requirements for funding and for volunteers Wrea Green’s Young People Proposals: Set up a Young People’s Council, which will report the results of its deliberations to the Parish Council at its regular meetings Survey the provision wanted by all Village young people Develop the support provided for youngsters by the sports organisations and the Parish Council Set up twinning exchanges with Saint Bris le Vineux, taking in a variety of activities Wrea Green’s Young People’s Club Proposals: A survey of club members’ requirements Pursue the provision of a part-time youth leader Consider increase in hours of opening Encourage parental support/rota of help Extend links with Ribby Hall Sport and Active Leisure Proposals: Set up an umbrella group Complete a survey of existing clubs and facilities Seek views of residents Organise the process of encouraging residents to get active Provide information and meet to exchange views and best practice Introduce specialist talks and presentations Support the Village Hall plan Promote the development of village facilities Support actions to increase the use of Ribby Hall facilities Work closely with the Richard J Wilson Sports Foundation Provide all weather surface and changing rooms on Wray Crescent playing field. Links with Ribby Hall Holiday Village Proposals: Foster awareness that we are all part of Ribby with Wrea Village Encourage the coming together of Ribby Hall Holiday Village Management and Ribby with Wrea Parish Council for our mutual benefit Plan ways of working together in all areas of interest to both parties. Voluntary Activity Proposals: Formalise Volunteer support Create Village Volunteers database Circulate Villagers with information Identify areas/groups requiring support Search for new requirements/opportunities Call for additional volunteers Identify training needs Create a web page within the Village website Secure funding opportunities Senior Villagers Proposals: Establish a Senior Villagers Action group Conduct a Village survey to identify concerns Organise open meeting with LCC Social Services Consider Age Concern’s Caring Neighbourhood Scheme Develop Senior Villagers’ Action Plan Enlist the help of volunteers Organise communication focal point Create links with other agencies and support organisations Develop existing ‘drop in’ activity at the Institute Crime and Disorder Proposals: Explore with Lancashire County Council the implementation of the Road Safety requirements Ensure that repeat traffic offenders are brought to book Encourage the school to set up a School Travel Plan Examine the current youth facilities and the possibilities of further provision Set up a Youth Council to discuss and advise on young people’s ideas and concerns Mount an anti-litter campaign to include education for all Actively canvass appropriate Villagers to volunteers as special constables Neighbourhood Watch groups to be set up and existing groups enthused Establish a permanent base in the Village for the Community Beat manager Learning and Experience Wrea Green Pre-School Proposals: Improve access, using efficient traffic calming measures and warning of the proximity of small children and elderly residents Landscaping work around its premises to enhance the environment A new footpath to link with the present network to encourage walking to pre-school, playground etc Develop land surrounding pre-school into a Village park. Ribby Hall Pre-School Proposal: Set up a discounted transport system or a ‘pick-up’ service to reduce school-run traffic through the Village Proposal for both: Obtain and publish information about pre-school links with primary school Ribby with Wrea Endowed CE Primary School Proposals: Encourage parents to organise ‘walking buses’ – schoolchildren forming a crocodile to walk to school, with parents to escort Encourage parents to park in the Institute car park Discourage put-down/pick-up parking on double yellow lines Better litter control Flower tubs to be maintained during school holidays Improve information on the Governing body representation process Request a review of the entrance rules Make information available on other faith schools in the area Review primary school links with secondary schools Secondary Education Proposals: Request local representation on governing bodies Discounted travel arrangements Anti-litter notices (warnings) on all school buses Higher/Further Education Proposals: Initiate co-ordinated seminars on course availability Organise open meetings between current graduates/undergraduates and 16-18years olds to discuss courses Make available details of courses for retired/unemployed people and details of Open University courses Develop outreach courses with local Colleges of Further Education. Specialist input Proposals Encourage local experts to give talks or hold open meetings Make closer contact with BA Systems, Ribby Hall Holiday Village regarding resources Encourage closer links with Further and Higher Education colleges and universities Seek links for the training of volunteers - Blackpool Council for Voluntary Service Seek links with local professional bodies Review of local input by various occupations to provide information for career interests or wider knowledge e.g. farming, catering, dentistry, hairdressing etc Encourage leisure organisations e.g. art/walking/theatre clubs Twinning Provision of information Development and Industry in Wrea Green Development Proposals: Support affordable housing development on a modest scale in Wrea Green, providing it conforms with the Village environmental culture and its infrastructure Due to the Village infrastructure being under such pressure (e.g. the school, roads, sewers etc), we strongly oppose any further development which has not already obtained Outline Planning Permission Commercial Development and Employment Proposals: Encourage the present industries in the Village to expand to employ more personnel, provided the expansion is within brown field site areas Encourage Villagers to make every effort to support Village industries and businesses The Parish Council will make every effort to help locate local light industry and to support expansion of existing industry It will also consult with outside agencies (such as the North West Development Agency and the Kirkham and Rural Fylde Partnership) Conservation Area Proposals: Extend the boundaries of the current conservation area Canvass the views of the residents in the proposed extended area Liaise with Fylde Building Planning officers Transport Proposals: Make bus travel more attractive Improve rail services and stations Lobby for a new railway station at Wrea Green in line with Lancashire County Council’s Transport Plan Improve Kirkham station Enforcement of parking restrictions Measures to assist pedestrians and cyclists Speed limit enforcement and traffic calming measures Re-signing to direct Lytham traffic away from the Village