Village Action – CAPOW


Community Association for the Protection of Wrea Green

note – KAPOW is also the Comic strip expression for a Punch.

Structure and Work

Steering Group

Chairman, Deputy Chairman,Treasurer
Resident Group Leaders

Detailed work
Keeping up to date on Planning Matters
Liaison with CPRE/Other Groups
Advice to/Assisting Resident Groups
Cross-Group Objections
General issues affecting WG
Liaison with FBC Planning
Liaison with Borough Councillor
Liaison with Parish Council
Liaison with Press
Speaking at PC/DMC, as necessary
Monitoring activity in relation to Mandate

Resident Group Resident Group Resident Group Resident Group
(up to 8 Resident Groups)

Supported as required by both Local Residents and other Groups and Steering Committee. Use the self-help document “Help Prevent Over Development in Wrea Green” under the Community tab on the Village website as a basis/guide/information source.

Detailed work
On Planning Applications
Document Review, commentary and analysis
Consultee Responses
Local issues
Speaking at PC re Objections
Speaking at DMC re Objections

It has taken a little time to resurrect this resource formally but NO application or appeal has been allowed to unopposed during the interim, despite the unannounced demise of SWAG. The intention is to ensure that too much work is not left to too few and that more residents are involved in their own destiny, as recommended by the Localism Act. It is important we ALL support each other!