Prevent Christmas Crime

Christmas Time - Mistletoe and Crime

Police launch ‘Bah Humbug’ Christmas Campaign

 ‘SPOILING Christmas for criminals’ – that’s the aim of this year’s festive ‘Bah Humbug’ crime prevention campaign launched by Lancashire Police.  Christmas cards are being sent out to known criminals as a deterrent to would-be thieves.

For your own safety you are being urged to:

·        Keep your home and valuables safe

  • Fit a burglar alarm and outside lighting.
  • Ensure your windows and doors are locked.
  • Keep presents out of view both at home and in your car.
  • Don’t leave your set of keys near your front door or on display.
  • Mark your new valuable items with your postcode and note down make/model/serial numbers. (A further tip: Don’t put the empty boxes for valuable goods on display at the side of your bin on recycling collection day.)
  • Be safe on nights out
  • Have a plan on how you will get home safely. Use a legitimate taxi company.
  • Use busy, well-lit routes if you have to walk and walk facing oncoming traffic.
  • Have your keys ready as you approach your car.
  • Stay safe when shopping
  • Park in well-lit areas and keep your bag with you.
  • Keep purses, wallets and mobiles in your inside pockets, out of view.
  • Carry handbags across your body with the flap facing you.


To report a crime, please call Lancashire Police on 101.

Always dial 999 in an emergency.



SUE BLACKBURN (Watch Liaison Officer) & DAVE SPINDLEY (Volunteer)