Police Security Advice

Almost half of Blackpool and Fylde burglaries committed at insecure homes – lock up to keep thieves out


RESIDENTS are being urged to keep their most treasured possessions safe by making sure they lock doors and windows to keep burglars out.

During September and October almost half of the burglaries committed in Blackpool and the Fylde happened because householders had failed to secure their homes. Figures show that 76 homes were targeted because doors and windows were unlocked, allowing criminals easy access to take what they wanted.

Detective Inspector Becky Smith, Blackpool CID, said: “A person’s home is often the biggest financial investment of their life and inside that home are the things that are most dear to them – sentimental items, valuable possessions, and of course their family and other loved ones.

“It seems unbelievable that people would put these things at risk by not locking up when they go to bed or when they leave the house – and yet this was the case in 45 per cent of the burglaries that we were called to over the past two months.”

She added: “Burglary rates are low across the county, but it is disappointing to know that amongst those that have taken place, almost half could have been avoided through simple crime prevention measures. We need residents to work with us when it comes to combating crime and locking out thieves.”

Residents should –

  • Keep front and back doors locked and windows closed at all times.
  • If windows are open keep them on the latch so that they cannot be opened further from outside.
  • Fit a door chain and use it whenever you answer the door to an unexpected caller
  • Keep side gates locked
  • Use a strong lock on sheds, garages and other outbuildings
  • Consider fitting outdoor security lighting
  • Keep an eye on neighbouring properties and if you see anything suspicious contact police.

If you have information about a burglary contact police on 0845 1 25 35 45. In an emergency always dial 999