PC Minutes of Budget Meeting – 10 Dec

MINUTES OF THE BUDGET MEETING OF THE RIBBY WITH WREA PARISH COUNCIL HELD AT WREA GREEN INSTITUTE ON 10 DECEMBER 2012 at 19.07 Hours.   Present: Cllr. Mrs. J.L. Wardell (Chairman), Councillors: J.W. Dobson, J.C. Maskell, J.M. Molyneux, Mrs. P.A. Naylor and Mrs. C.E. Wheatman.   There were no members of the pubic in attendance.   13/118 APOLOGIES and DECLARATION OF INTERESTS Apologises: Cllr. K.J. Lupton Mrs. A.E. Uphill . Declarations of Pecuniary Interests: Written requests were received from Cllrs. J.W. Dobson, K.J. Lupton, J.C. Maskell, Mrs. P.A. Naylor, Mrs. J.L. Wardell and Mrs. C. E. Wheatman requesting dispensation to participate in discussions and to approve the annual Precept.  The Council RESOLVED that all seven councillors were given dispensation on this topic until the end of the current Council term i.e May 2015.  Cllr. J.W. Dobson  also declared a Prejudicial Interest relating to any discussion on Wray Crescent garages.   13/119. 2013/14 BUDGET (Appendices 1-4) – The Clerk presented a neutral budget for 2013/14, also recommended by the Finance Committee which had undertaken a Task and Scrutiny review before the meeting.  The Council RESOLVED to approve the budget which was authorised. It was RESOLVED that the 2013/14 Precept would be remain at the 2012/13 level of £48200-00 which with the increase in houses within the parish following the Redrow development was actually a reduction for council tax payers. The Section 137 element totalled £890-00.  The budget also indicated a reduction of reserves in the sum of £3247 if all expenditure/income materialised.   It was also RESOLVED that in accordance SLCC/NALC guidelines the Clerk qualifies and should move into LC 26-29 salary band.   It was agreed that if an increase in the Christmas Festivities budget was necessary it would be transferred from the Amenity Reserve budget.   13/120 The Meeting Closed at 20.00 hours.     Cllr. Mrs. Janet Wardell                                           7 January 2013 Chairman