Parish Newsletter Autumn 2011

Wrea Green Christmas



As I write this newsletter I am looking out on a beautiful clear blue sky with bright sunshine but the colours in the trees and gardens remind me that Autumn is here and these warm days are a bonus. With Winter just around the corner it’s time to make sure our older residents are set up for the cold weather ahead so please give an extra thought to your neighbours and any older people you may know.


Again this year we are holding a village bonfire on the 5th November at the rear of the Institute with fireworks and BBQ food. This has proved really popular over the last few years and hopefully with a fine night we shall have another good do. I thank the committee of Wrea Green Institute for their support and the Walton family for letting the village use their field for the bonfire and firework display.


On Saturday the 3rdof December at the Christmas tree lights will be switched on at 4.30 p.m. on the little Green with a brass band there to accompany the singing of carols. Festive fayre will be available so come along and enjoy the start of the Christmas season.  


These meetings are an opportunity for the public to discuss their concerns and ideas with the police authority but unfortunately they are very poorly attended. They take place on the first Monday each month either at Wrea Green Institute or Ballam church. Please make an effort. Details are always on the police noticeboard on the bus shelter at the school entrance on the Station Road.


The Parish Council speed device is showing an alarming number of vehicles travelling within the village at speeds well in excess of 30 mph. When the police have targeted the village unfortunately a large number of offenders have not been outsiders but local residents. Please respect your village and watch your speed..


The Institute is currently carrying out an enhancement programme on the downstairs room, including a new kitchen facility. It should be completed by the New Year and will have facilities for daytime events and evening functions for up to a 100 people. An open day is to be arranged so show an interested in a local facility and drop in at that time.



This committee which arranges all the floral displays and various visual project enhancements is largely responsible for the various awards your village has won over the years. Based on this regular success Wrea Green is considered the number one village in Lancashire, and the one to beat in the Lancashire Best Kept Village Competition, Champion’s Class.  However, the committee is seriously short of members – down to six with only two non parish council representatives.  If you have anything to contribute whatsoever (physical or organisational support) please become a volunteer. Contact the Clerk (details on the back page) and he will advise you of the details of the next meeting.


After back to back village wins in this competition Wrea Green was not successful this year.  However, congratulations to St. Nicholas Church gardens and the primary school on winning their categories in the competition.



The Remembrance Sunday service commences at St. Nicholas Church at 10.15 a.m. and at the War Memorial at 11.00 a.m.

This year the War Memorial has been improved with the recent laying of a Lancashire stone base. This enhancement has been financed by this parish council and Westby with Plumptons Parish councils, the two councils that form the Joint War Memorial Committee.

I also wish to thank Jack Dobson who spends a great deal of time and money looking after the War Memorial gardens.



Continuing my “who’s who” of Parish Councillors :-  Councillor Ken Lupton – Ken has lived in the village for 8 years and joined the Parish Council in September 2010. Semi-retired from the brewing industry he is a keen member of the Table Tennis group and serves on the Olympic Committee. Married to Pat he has 2 children, one living in Australia, 3 grandchildren plus another one in Aus on the way.

Likes – Music, Country Walks, Wildlife

Dislikes – Intolerance, Litter

Contact – See back of newsletter        

Councillor Amy Uphill- Amy writes – My family’s history in the village goes back to the early 1800s and I’ve been fortunate to live in Wrea Green all my life. I’m now enjoying bringing up my two year old son, Charlie, with husband Dave in our beautiful village.  I work full-time as Marketing Manager for the Bowker Motor Group and in my spare time I enjoy tap dancing, W.I. and spending quality time with Charlie and Dave.  I’m a lover of all things “Apple” and think Social Networking is one of the most powerful creations of the modern world.

Contact – See back of newsletter

Keep warm,

Kind regards, 



22nd October, 2011.

Fylde Borough has enjoyed a fairly quiet summer but not so Wrea Green.  One area of local activity has been the production of a “Neighbourhood Plan”.  This should allow Wrea Green to decide how, when and if the village is developed further and the group is excellently chaired by John Rowson and includes myself, many Parish Councillors and a selection of other interested residents.  At the time of writing it is not clear when the plan will be submitted because the new Localism Bill which incorporates the NPPF (Nation Planning Policy Framework) on which it is based is not yet law.  This group believe it will be in the interests of the village to be ready to submit our plans to Fylde Borough Council at the earliest possible opportunity.  A local consultation exercise held in the Church Community Centre on 1st October received overwhelming endorsement from those who voted on it.  Two main recommendations have been made which include designating a strip of land between Wrea Green and Kirkham as “Greenbelt” (which affords a higher planning protection than “Countryside”) and requesting a rail halt in the village.  This has the drawback of making it more difficult for Wrea Green to oppose future large housing developments and it is therefore considered that it might be wiser to request the enhancement of Kirkham station’s parking facilities instead.

The application to create a sporting facility known as the Greenland’s Sports Village on land adjacent to Wray Crescent and Ribby Road has been resubmitted.  The application is very similar to the first application except that the cricket facilities have been replaced with hockey facilities.  This application is largely identical to the first and it has all the drawbacks of the original application re noise, access, parking, loss of countryside, light pollution etc.  A great many residents have written to the planning authority urging rejection and SWAG (Save Wrea Green Action Group) are fighting this application as am I.  It is thought that a decision is likely in December.

The Villa has submitted an application to extend the period of use of their marquee up to the likely completion of their permanent building plans.  It is not known when this application will be decided but I would welcome your views no matter if you are for or against this request.

Lastly another village role I have is to edit the Wrea Green web site ( and I’m delighted to say Kate Emery, a former Wrea Greener who is currently studying journalism, is now helping me to ensure all the information the website contains is correct and up to date.  The Web site also has a little used “Forum” tab and this could be an excellent way for us to air our views.

 Best wishes


 Ribby with Wrea Ward

 Fylde Borough Council



Christmas Tree Switch On

Dear All

 Hope you've all had a lovely summer. Here's a brief update from Wrea Green Twinning Group:


Our AGM will be held on Wednesday 2nd November in the Church Annexe from 7.30pm.  We promise to keep the formalities brief so we can all enjoy a glass of wine and nibbles afterwards! If you would like to join us,  please let me know so we can cater accordingly. We will be looking to recruit a 12 month member onto the committee. If you would like to nominate yourself, or know anyone who would like to be nominated, please let Davina Parker Murphy know in advance - Tel: 684545 or email 

2012 VISIT

It has been arranged that the French will be visiting Wrea Green from 28th April - 1st May 2012. If you would like to be part of the visit in any way, either with hosting (you don't have to be fluent in French!), organising, or suggesting local places we can visit, please let me know. 

All the best


Amy Uphill

Vice Chairman


A little update on the progress of the Wrea Green Olympic Team.
We are well on the way to our target although we aren't entirely sure that we will reach it in time for The Olympics 2012 so may have to make up the debit at the marquee events.
Unfortunately, prices for the hire of equipment on an event of this size are always expensive and have increased dramatically since the last one (The Cricket Club Centenary) and our initial estimate was probably a touch on the low side.
Licensing laws have changed which is a huge headache and insurance has soared. (Any insurance brokers in the village who could advise please)
However The Wrea Green Olympic Team are still working hard and with your continued support, we hope to get nearer to our necessary target so as to keep ticket prices to a minimum.
We have some really exciting and fun events lined up for the marquee including a Gala dinner, a Disco, a Last Choir Standing Competition, a swing band night with The Swing Commanders, a Quiz Night and a Kids Day amongst others so we think that we are catering for all tastes and ages, so I would suggest that if you would like to attend some or all of the events then you start a Marquee Piggy Bank today!

We will once again be filling your freezing bellies with hot dogs, burgers and steakwiches.
A CHRISTMAS QUIZ NIGHT (Date to be confirmed)
This will again be held at The 'Tute as last year. We don't raise huge amounts at small events like this but we have a lot of fun and come a little way to giving support The 'Tute as they have supported us over the last three years.

We will be serving up our moreish hot mulled wine (hot Vimto for the children) which will be accompanied by Ruth and Mag's delicious, homemade mince pies.
Once again we thank you for your continued support and ask again if any of you are willing and able to give a couple of hours to help out at Marquee events, please let us know.

 Thank You.
Tel. 01772 672201

Thanks for your support,






Chairman – Mrs. Janet Wardell, JP   

                22 Richmond Avenue        01772 686969


Councillors: Dave Diggle                          01772 672041


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                     John Molyneux           01772673701


 Mrs. Pat Naylor           07968 139678


                     Mrs. Amy Uphill         01772 686960


                     Cllr.  Mrs. Chrissy Wheatman

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Clerk:                  Hadyn Gigg                 07920 255880



Borough:    Cllr. Frank Andrews       01772 685427


County          Cllr. Paul Rigby               01253 737207


MP              Mark Menzies                  01253 729846.