Parish Council Minutes – 7 Jan


Held At  Wrea Green Institute

On 7 JANUARY 2013 at 20.00 Hours


Present: Cllr. Mrs. J.L. Wardell (Chairman), Cllrs. J.W. Dobson,  K.J. Lupton, Mrs. A.E. Uphill, Mrs. P.A. Naylor, Mrs. C.E. Wheatman, and

Cty. Cllr. P. Rigby


There were eleven members of the public in attendance.



  1. 1.    Apologies: Cllr. J.M. Molyneux and Br. Cllr. F.A. Andrews.


2. Declarations of Interests: None received.


3. Written Requests for New SPI Dispensation:  None received.


13/122 The MINUTES of the two Meetings of the 10 December 2012, which had previously been circulated to all councillors, were approved and signed by the Chairman.



1.Report from Community Beat Officer – PC Gary Cross advised that there were no reported crimes during December 2012.  The PACT priorities for January are:-

  • unauthorised parking - Parkwise (parking wardens) to visit the village this month.
  • Community Roadwatch programmed for two sessions in village.

2. Introduction of Average Speed SpIDs at All Entry Roads to Wrea Green -  The Clerk advised that the cost would be in the region of £16K for four additional solar powered SpIDs. Moreover, he felt that in addition to the new

20 mph speed limits, at this stage, residents would not welcome additional traffic control measures.  It was RESOLVED that this matter, in view of the potential cost which has not been included in the budget, will be shelved for the time being.



1. Application:

12/0720      Land off Moss Side lane

Outline Application for Approximately 50 Dwellings Accessed from Moss Side Lane with Associated Open Space and Landscaping (Access Applied for with All Other Matters Reserved)


The meeting was opened from 20.20 hours to 20.44 hours to allow attendees to air their views..

This Council STRONGLY OBJECT to the proposal and RECOMMEND REFUSAL.


As this application is for development outside the village settlement area it contravenes SP1, HL2 (Scale & Character), HL3 (Scale),  EP3 (Overbearing in character),TR5 ( Site in excess of 3 hectares and not an adequate bus service to the main connection points to link up with the larger urban areas) of the Fylde Borough Deposit Plan (As Altered October 2005), Interim Housing Policy Document, and also does not make a sufficiently strong case within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).


The egress from the proposed site is considered extremely dangerous, at best, as it is located in close proximity to two blind bends on a very narrow road where street parking is already a common feature outside the cottages on the opposite side of the road to the intended development.  This situation is further exacerbated by the number of dwellings contemplated. Moreover, the introduction of a mini roundabout, if this was actually feasible, would not overcome this major traffic problem.  As this B road is considered to be the quickest route to Lytham from the M55, confirmed by Sat/Nav, it is continually used daily by numerous large commercial vehicles. Irrespective of the current 20 mph speed limit, this section of road is also already known within the village to be a highway black spot within the Wrea Green settlement boundary. At peak times there are already major problems for foot traffic crossing the village roads to reach the central village facilities and this site would be the worst location in this respect.  This would therefore be a most dangerous site from which children would be expected to go to the village primary school, even if there was room for them. As the proposed access is the prime reason for this application it is clearly unsafe and contravenes the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) paras 32, 35.


The site is located circa 3 metres above Moss Side Lane where there is already a regular  flooding problem purporting to be surface water but often smelling of sewerage.  This situation will be further exacerbated by the recent approval for the construction of 55 dwelling on land off Richmond Avenue from where surface water is channelled via the adjoining dyke to Moss Side Lane.  The applicant’s statement on this issue merely states that this situation will not be worsened!!  This is again in contravention of NPPF


There are also serious sewerage problems already in existence in Wrea Green confirmed by United Utilities, stating that our village had the worst flooding/sewerage problems of any village on the Fylde. That company also has acknowledged that it does not have accurate records of the waste/sewerage pipes within the village, and have constantly indicated that there is a two system situation in existence when this is clearly not the case. The intention to join the existing over burdened village sewerage system at the Pudding Pie Nook manhole (not Willow Drive as indicated in the report) is also in excess of 150 metres from the development land and to put in place would course severe inconvenience to the village community and the heavy through flow of traffic.  As there is also an appreciable upward gradient from Moss Side Lane all waste would have to be continually pumped. The 1995 Lancashire  Structure Plan clearly indicated that any further expansion to the Wrea Green settlement should ensure that there was adequate sewer infrastructure in place.  There has been absolutely no improvement carried out since that damming statement within that report. 


The Council considers that the proposed development also would contravene EP3 as the main feature of the Conservation Area is the tranquillity of the village green. The site for the application is already visible from the green but currently is rural and any large scale development would destroy this feature.  This would be the case even if bungalows were built along the Northern border as the situation would remain overbearing. This over bearing situation would also be pertinent to the properties on Moss Side Lane, in view of the difference in ground levels.  NPPF paras 126 and 131 would be contravened as this development would not in any way conserve or enhance the Conservation Area’s character but in view of the size and potential overbearing prospect detract from the current ambience of a location that is currently one of the borough’s regular tourist locations. Mention has been made to the evolving Neighbourhood Plan which indicates that future village development should be on the basis the Green becomes again the centre of the village community. It was not intended that a sizeable development increasing the then Wrea Green housing stock (excluding the housing in the Ribby hamlet)  by 8% in one location was appropriate.


The Council also disputes the continual report comment of an urban edge. Wrea Green is a rural village and the Moss Side Lane connection road clearly personifies a rural picture which could be destroyed by over development on a higher ground level. The fact that there was a property explosion in Wrea Green during the second half of the 1900s also does not justify the destruction of the rural ambience that still remains, by further over development.


The land to be developed is designated Grade 3(a) at worst and it is criminal that due to lack of good husbandry, often by motive, that so called professionals can then make a case for downgrading. This Council does not accept the land quality assessment made in the report.  With some care and attention this land could soon be in good heart – a previous farmer was actually obtaining four silage cuts a year and proclaimed it was the best producing field on the Fylde.


Although the report indicates an increase in housing of 7%, that is based on old figures, including the separate Ribby Hamlet.  Taking into account the recent Redrow development in the centre of the village, where incidentally there are already sewerage problems, and with the recently agree 55 house development at land off Richmond Avenue this would increase Wrea Green housing by 20% which is far in excess of what a rural village should be expected to faced with, particularly when there are still two new Redrow houses to sell some eleven months after completion. Agreement to this application would also open up the potential for further sizeable “rounding off” development which would then completely destroy the rural ambience of one of the rural “jewels” and tourist magnets within Fylde Borough.


Also the report’s accessibility calculation is again suspect and would have difficulty matching 20 if reassessed on actual distances to all relevant points as recently measured by locals. The possibility of a proposed bus stop outside the entrance to the development site would only apply to the less frequent 76 service with the half hourly service being some 600 metres away. Moreover, there is no evening service on either route due to a lack of demand resulting in Lancashire County Council dropping financial support.


Finally, this proposition is not sustainable within the terms of NPPF as there is currently little demand for additional housing in Wrea Green, evidenced by the 2 properties at Redrow, which still have to be sold some 11 months after construction even with additional purchase benefits offered, coupled with the recently agreed 55 houses at the land off Richmond Avenue.


2. Judicial Action Re Land Adjacent to Richmond Avenue – The meeting was opened from 21.00 hours to 21.02 hours. John Rowson advised that progress was being made and a new QC had been appointed.

3. Replacing the Proposed Play Area at The Extended Richmond Avenue Site with a MUGA – The meeting was opened from 9.03 hours to 9.05 hours. The Chairman had surveyed several locals and all were against the potential additional traffic and noise that such a facility would generate. It was RESOLVED that the Council would not follow up this possibility and that the Council did not wish to take over the liability of a second “remote” play area.



1. Wray Crescent Play Area Extension – 106 Moneys (13/100 1) -  The Clerk advised that although the release of the section 106 moneys had been agreed by the Borough Council on 21 November 2012 this Council was still awaiting the necessary legal document for completion which would indemnity the borough on the basis that the moneys would be used in accordance with the 106 agreement within 12 months.

2. The Millennium Clock Situation (13/100 2.) - The Clerk advised that now that the seasonal activities are over he and Cllr. Lupton will contact the clock maintenance company after holidays to ascertain the future of the Millennium clock.



1..Financial Budget Comparisons for the Period Ended 31 December 2012

(Appendix 2) – The Clerk presented the account position in line with the financial information which had been circulated to councillors before the meeting. The income has now exceeded the annual budget figure of £57982 at £58967.  The remaining income is £375 from New Fylde Housing, £273 garage rental, circa £50 tub sponsorship plus an element of bank interest.


Expenditure to date at £42381 is well maintained within the overall agreed budget of £66046. However, the following individual budgets have been exceeded – Open Space £2777  budget £2500-00, Bonfire costs £1030 budget £1000  due to the payment to St. John Ambulance which was not forecast at budget time, Other Village Expenses  £976 against budget £950  although additional BAe Systems grant of £500 received on the income side to cover this.

 The position was accepted and accounts were noted and approved. 

2 . Payment of Accounts

2.1. The payment of the following utem was confirmed:-

U1 Alan Burrows        Materials Toilet Enhancement £1000-00 net

2.2. The following payments were approved :-

100398 HJ Gigg           January Salary                     £581-63 net

100399  L. Weatherby  January Salary                    £ 224-00 net

100400  HMRC             NI & Tax January             £ 159-62 net

100401  Principal Hyg Toilet Rolls                          £   34-62 net £ 41-54 gr

100402  J.Wildish LandPruning holly Bushes       £   60-00 net £ 72-00 gr

100403  Staples               Stationery                          £   98-33 net £118-00 gr

100404 Alan Burrows    Shelves at Toilets               £    58-00 net

2075     Wrea Green Int Grant                                  £  125-00 net



1.1.    Lancashire County Councillor Report  – Cty. Cllr. P. Rigby reported that

he had seen Cllr. Ashton regarding the resurfacing of Ribby Road and also chased up the repair work relating to the school railings.

1.2.Fylde Borough Councillor Report – In the absence of Br. Cllr. F.A. Andrews there was no report.

2. Lancashire County Council Future Dementia Care Consultation – It was RESOLVED that it was considered that smaller units were more beneficial for patients.  The Clerk will respond on this basis.

3. Localism of Council Tax Support – The Clerk advised that he did not think that this issue would affect this Council.  However, he was in receipt of a letter from the borough advising that town and parishcouncils would be advised later in the month.  It may mean resetting the budget although this is very unlikely.

4. Three Tier Forum Topics – It was RESOLVED that the Lack of Road Maintenance including gully cleaning needed more attention.



1. Update on Christmas Switch-On ( 13/114.1) – No further information since the last meeting other than it had again been successful.



1. Mapping On Line – The Clerk advised that he had found a simpler and less expensive system which should be adequate for this Council’s needs.  The set up cost is £20-00 with £20 per annum fee.  It was RESOLVED that the Council should take it up.

2. Wray Crescent Land Meeting 12 December 2012 (Appendix 4) – The minutes which had previously circulated, where noted.



13/130 CLERK’S REPORT (Appendix 1)

This document, which had previously been circulated to all councillors, was noted.



Cllr. Uphill resigned due to pressure of work and having a young child.  The Chairman thanked Amy for her passed work and hoped that she may return as a councillor in the future.


13/132 The Meeting Closed at 21.31hours. The Next Full Meeting is on the

18 March 2013.







Cllr. Janet Wardell                                        18 February 2013