Parish Council minutes 01/12/2008

MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF RIBBY WITH WREA PARISH COUNCIL Held at Wrea Green Institute On 1 December 2008 at 20.08 Hours Present: Councillor J.W. Dobson (Chairman), Cllrs. D. Diggle, Mrs. L. Greening (arrived at 20.17 Hours), Mrs. P.A. Naylor, Mrs. J.L. Wardell, Mrs. C.E. Wheatman, Mrs. S. White, and Cty. Cllr. B. Whittle. 09/92 APOLOGIES and DECLARATION of INTERESTS. 1. Apologies: None received other than Cllr. Mrs. L. Greening advising that she would be late following a Fylde Borough Council commitment. 2. Declaration of interest – Cllr. Mrs. A.E. Uphill declared a personal interest in 09/98. 6. and did not vote. 3. There were no residents in attendance. 09/93 The MINUTES of the meetings of the 20 & 27 October 2008, which had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting, were approved and signed by the Chairman. 09/94 POLICE/CRIME and DISORDER. 1. Community Beat Officer’s Report – PC Graham Jackson was pleased to advise that there had only been one reported crime since the last full parish council meeting and in fact since 11 September 2008. This crime was the theft of an unattended mobile phone at Ribby Leisure Village. Pavement parking is being looked at on an ongoing basis both by PC Jackson and the PCSO. One fixed penalty fine had recently been issued to a visitor to the village. Cllr. Mrs. L. Greening arrived during this report. 09/95 PLANNING MATTERS 1. Application: 08/0169 61 Ribby Road Appeal against New vehicle Access Refusal It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council’s objections of the 12 May 2008 (09/11 1.1.) remain pertinent so there was no need to add any further comment. 2, Village Design Statement – The Clerk advised that with the introduction of the Fylde Borough Interim Housing Strategy, it would be prudent to revisit the village design statement. It was RESOLVED that a meeting should be arranged and Cllrs. Dobson, Mrs. Naylor, Mrs. Wheatman, Mrs. Greening, the Clerk and Gerrie Willox would form the group to undertake this work. Cllr. Mrs. L. Greening reported that she had had a discussion with John Hodgson at the LCC conference relating to village plans and the new spatial policy. He advised Cllr. Mrs. Greening that village plans should be taken notice of and legislation is, in fact, in the pipeline to emphasis this requirement. 09/96 RECREATION GROUNDS and OPEN SPACES Open Spaces and Greens: 1) Station Road Toilets (09/81.1)– The clerk advised that although the modest improvements have now been undertaken, despite reminders Fylde Borough Council (FBC) has still not furnished this Council with the lease document or details of insurance cover. The 1 December hand over date has passed and the Parish Council’s employment of a cleansing operative has been arranged together with a contract with a hygiene company, Principal Hygiene Limited, both geared to this timing of hand over. The hygiene company has quoted £130-00 for one ladies hygiene receptacle and £ £52-00 for two soap dispensers, both per annum, also ongoing toilet supplies will be purchased from this source. The Council is now committed to this project and RESOLVED that payments should be made as an when necessary. It was RESOLVED that the Chairman and the Clerk would sign the cleansing operative and the hygiene company’s contracts, and if necessary with Cllr. Mrs. C.E. Wheatman, would enter into a lease. If considered appropriate to obtain legal advice, it can be obtained from NALC via LALC. Cllr. D. Diggle raised the question of having wooden gates for the toilets so that they can be secured at night and during cleaning times. It was RESOLVED that this action was prudent and approved. The Clerk will approach J. Wareing & Son (Wrea Green) Limited to undertake this work. It was also RESOLVED that the Clerk is also to arrange to purchase “a cleaning being undertaken” sign for the toilets. Cllr. Mrs. L. Greening volunteered to contact the Grapes’ management to re-affirm the previous oral commitment of use of that establishment by disabled people precluded from utilising the Station Road facilities. 2) Land Adjacent to Wray Crescent Play Area (09/81.2) – The Clerk advised that real progress had been made with the FBC cabinet agreeing to the transfer of the land. The next step will be the Parish Council negotiating arrangements with the FBC officers. It was RESOLVED that Cllrs. Dobson, Mrs. Greening and the Clerk would be involved in the FBC discussions. Cllr. Mrs. L. Greening advised that she had already contacted the officer responsible requesting a date for the initial discussions. 3) Conservation Area Review (09/81 4.) – The Clerk had furnished all councillors with a draft letter to be submitted to the householders affected by the proposed alteration to article 4 (2) prior to the meeting, which was approved. It was RESOLVED that a Council Conservation committee meeting should take place on 7 January prior to an open meeting on 9 February 2009. 4. Junior Football Nets at Wray Crescent Play Area – The recent risk review highlighted the need to replace the existing nets. The Clerk has approached Dennis Halliday of the football club who is looking for an appropriate source. It was RESOLVED that the nets should be replaced and paid for out of the play area budget. 5. Tree Surgery - The recent Risk review also identified trees in open spaces that needed attention. Quotes from Mark Garner Tree Services have been received £85-00 Cherry Tree at First Avenue, £95-00 Cherry tree at Wray Crescent and £120-00 Silver Birch at The Brooklands/Brookway. It was RESOLVED that this work should be undertaken and met from the open spaces budget. 6. Wray Crescent Open Space – The Clerk advised that the lease from New Fylde Housing had expired and a new five year lease is required. It was RESOLVED that the Council should try to obtain a longer lease to obviate unnecessary cost and that the Chairman and Clerk would sign on behalf of the Council. 7. Miscellaneous – a) Wild Flower Area on Green - Cllr. Mrs. C.E. Wheatman was annoyed that the wild flower area by the Dub had been cut, and felt that this would prevent many of the flowers from prospering. Also this site was intended as an area to encourage butterflies, bees, beatles, bugs and even frogs. Cllr. Mrs. P.A. Naylor felt that the Wild Life Trust should be approached for assistance and advice. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk would contact the Wild Life Trust at Cuerden Park in this respect. 09/097 HIGHWAY MATTERS 1. The SpID situation – The Clerk advised that there had been major problems with our SpID. Ean Lewin, Dave Diggle and his brotherin- law had been trying for sometime to sort out the problems. Cllr. Diggle reported that after numerous e-mails the supplier had replaced our SpID which is a vast improvement. Also a technical expert from the company had had a meeting with Mr. Lewin and Cllr. Diggle to explain the very complicated programme. However, all is now well and a vast amount of technical information can be produced. The Chairman thanked Cllr. Diggle and his brother-inlaw for all the time spent on solving what were major problems. It was also RESOLVED that the Clerk would formally thank Ean Lewin. 09/98 FINANCIAL and STANDING ORDERS MATTERS 1. Structure of Parish Council Committeews/Groups (09/86 2) - Following the decision to include a specific statement in the standing orders it was RESOLVED that the following should be included:- “In line with current Central Government philosophy committees should wherever legally possible include a representation of noncouncillor residents of the parish so that grass root democracy is evident”. 2. Review of Parish Council Asset Depreciation Policy – The Clerk advised that the current policy was:- a) All low value items of £100 or less were written off as soon as they were purchased. b) Cups and regalia were valued at purchase price and/or insurance valuation. c) Playground Equipment 12 ½% per annum, i.e 8 years. d) Christmas Lights 20% per annum. e) Benches written off in year of purchase. f) Other larger purchases 20% It was RESOLVED that the Christmas lights level of depreciation should really be more in line with the normal life of these assets i.e. 3 years and future depreciation should be at 33%. All other arrangements to remain. 3. Lancashire Playing Fields Association Annual Subscription – The Clerk advised that as the annual subscription is only £15-00 and membership could be advantageous in identifying sources of grants when the play area is expanded at Wray Crescent, it would be prudent to join. It was RESOLVED that the Council should apply for membership. 4. National Interim Salary Award from 1 April 2008 – The Clerk reported that in line with the current Council policy the Clerk’s salary is linked to the national awards which on SCP 23 has increased to £10.364 per hour. It was RESOLVED that this interim increase in the Clerk’s salary should be back dated to 1 April 2008 in line with NALC guidelines. 5. Parish Council Budget 2008/09 Comparisons to November 2008 (Appendix 6) – 1. The Clerk analysed the budget situation for the period ending 30 November 2008 and the report was accepted. 2. It was RESOLVED that the following budgets could be altered as following:- a) Salaries increased to £8084, up £1075, with the toilets budget being reduced by £900 to cover the cleansing operative’s salary, and £175 from the photocopying budget. b) Chairman’s Newsletter budget to £800, up £300, by reducing National Conference budget by £300. c) Play Area Maintenance budget increased to £1900, up £300, by clearing the residual National Conference budget, d) Other village Activities budget increased to £1350, the addition is more than covered by the income not included in the budget from Bonfire Night. 6. Tenders for Contractors – The Clerk advised that the tender letters covering the next three years had been received and it was RESOLVED that as their tenders were the cheapest the current contractors would keep the grass cutting contracts. 7. Payment of Accounts:- 1. As previously resolved on 20 October, it was RESOLVED that in pursuance of the powers conferred in section 137 of LGA 1972 (as amended) and being of the opinion that the expenditure relating to the Remembrance Day bugler satisfies the requirements of this section. 2. Confrirm the following payments:- 1576 H.J. Gigg October Salary £503-64 net 1577 Inland Revenue Tax/Nat. Insurance £180-08 net 1578 Jonathan Widish October grass cutg. £190-00 net £223-26 gr Landscapes. 3. Approve the Payment of the following:- 1579 Wrea Green Instite. Grant in lieu of cost £100-00 net of Room Hire. 1580 H.J. Gigg December salary & £603-76 net back Payment. 1581 S.L. Rawsthorne December salary £170-52 net 1582 Inland Revenue Tax & Natonal I. £286-01 net 1583 H.J. Gigg Computr cartridgs £ 42-47 net £ 49-60 gr 1583 H.J. Gigg Remembrance Day £ 20-00 net Bugler 1584 VOID 1585 H.J. Gigg Expenses £ 159-61 net Postage £ 6-48 Telephone £ 3-80 Broadband £53-97 Mileage £95-36 1586 SLCC Annual Subscription £105-00 net 1587 R.Lancaster & Son Watering Contract £290-00 net£335-00 gr Adjustment 1588 Sport Media Chairman’s Newsletter£130-00 net 1589 VOID 1590 Stuart Walker Christmas Tree £100-00 net £117-50 gr Timber Haulage delivery 1591 P.A. Naylor Rope for Tree £ 26-45 net £ 31-08 gr 09/99 FYLDE BOROUGH/LANCASHIRE COUNTY COUNCILS 1. Fylde Borough Councillor’s Report (Appendix 2) – Cllr. Mrs. L. Greening’ report, which had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting, was noted. 2. Fylde Vision – District Liaison Meeting 22 October 2008 (Appendix 3)- The Clerk’s report was noted. 3. Lancashire County Councillor’s Report Cty. Cllr. B. Whittle advised that the County budget review was well underway and, at this stage, it is likely that there will be a 3. 5% increase, generating circa £2 m extra income. If a 4.5% increase is supported the additional revenue will be used exclusively for the highways. LCC also programming £1.5m efficiency savings none directed to Wrea Green. In answer to Cllr. J.L. Wardell’s question, Cty. Cllr. Whittle said that he had no knowledge of the rumours about reducing the opening hours at the Lytham waste collection unit, He confirmed that he would strongly oppose such measures. 4. Lancashire Review of Common Land and Town and Parish Greens –The Clerk reported that a review of parish greens is requested and he will respond accordingly. 09/100 VILAGE ACTIVITIES – 1. Christmas Festivities Committee - The Minutes of the Meetings on 23 September & 6 November 2008 (Appendices 4 & 5) – The minutes were noted. The Council Chairman advised that Peter O’Callaghan had informed him that the cost of mulled wine is now expected to be £40/50. 2. Bonfire Night 5 November 2008 (09/85 6.)– The Clerk advised that the event had been highly successful. The bucket collection raised £724-52 of which £100-00 was given to the Institute. In addition the Millennium Group made a donation of £149-94 from the food sale. It was RESOLVED that an official thank you letter should be sent to the Institute. 3. Campaign to Save the Village Red Phone Box (09/85 8.) – The Clerk advised that our red phone box was not on the threat list. It was RESOLVED that the Council should keep the situation under observation and in the meantime look, during the conservation area review, to try to list it and the village pump. In the absence of the aforementioned the cost of £500 per annum to maintain it would have to be considered. 09/101 PARISH COUNCIL 1. Views of the Parish Council in the Eyes of The Public – Cllr. Mrs. L. Greening produced a paper which was circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. Cllr. Mrs. Greening felt that it was very important for the full Council to be elected and that this was normally achieved by the Council’s activities and members being better known in the parish. It was RESOLVED that to improve the awareness of the Council within the community photographs of all the councillors should be included with the contact details on the notice board, web site and included with the church welcome pack. It was also RESOLVED that Cllr. Mrs. L. Greening would write an article in the Neil Withington produced Village magazine and the Council would also take a half page advertisement therein. 2 Alternative Name and Style for the Parish Council – Changes Introduced by the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 (09/86 3) – A very long discussion took place and the Council was minded to a name change. However, as members could not decide whether to use the village name Wrea Green or Community name Ribby with Wrea the Chairman deferred the matter until the next meeting on the basis that this would give time for further reflection. 3. Communities in Control: Real people, real power – Codes of Conduct for Local Authority Members and Employees – This consultation was circulated prior to the meeting, and the Council’s response was agreed. 4. Freedom of Information Act – Operation of information Availability – The Clerk advised that the new standard comes into being on 1 January 2009 – there is no alternative. The Clerk will ensure the Parish Council is compliant. 5. Sustainable Communities Act 2007 – Submission of Proposals – This document had been circulated prior to the meeting and it was decided that there was no need for the Council to respond. 09/102 Clerk’s Report (Appendix 1) The Clerk’s report was noted and accepted. 09/103 The Meeting Closed at 22.40 hours. The Next Meeting is on 12 January 2009. Cllr. Jack Dobson 12 January 2009 Chairman