Parish Council Meeting 12 September

The Parish Council Meeting


On 12 SEPTEMBER 2011 at 19.00 hours


1. Apologies and Declaration of Interests.

2. Receive and Approve the MINUTES of the Meeting on 8 August 2011.


3.1. Receive the Report of the Community Beat Officer for Information                5                             

4. PLANNING MATTERS                                                                                       40       


4.1 .Applications:-

11/0528     62 Bryning Lane

                        Retrospective Application for Extension of Existing Driveway and

Formation of Second Access Point to Frontage Erection of Fence to

Side Boundary.

 11/0554    Greenlands Farm, Ribby Road   

                        Outline Application for Community Sports Facility Comprising of                      Football Pavilion Building, 1 Floodlight Artificial Football Pitch,

4 Grass football Pitches (Full Size and Junior), A Football Ground to Provide Permanent Home to AFC Fylde with One Stand for 1400

Spectators and Standing Areas Providing an Overall Capacity for 2500, 1 Floodlit Artificial Hockey Pitch with Pavilion Building, Jogging Trail and Associated Infrastucture Including Highway Improvements, Parking Areas and landscaping, Following Demolition of All Existing Buildings – Resubmission 10/0587. 

5. RECREATION GROUNDS & OPEN SPACES                                                10

Open Spaces and Greens


5.1. Playground Annual Inspection Report.


5.2. Land Adjacent Wray Crescent Play Area Update.

5.3.Play Area Update 6.  FINANCIAL and STANDING ORDER MATTERS                                        20    Consider:-

6.1. Review and Authorisation of Parish Council Budget Position as at 31 August 6.2. Confirm Payment of Accounts

6.3. Approve Payment of Accounts

6.4. Bonfire Night Contribution towards Fireworks and Council Activity.

6.5. Confirm the Council’s Purchase of Wheels for Football Posts.

6.6. Changes to Council Insurance Policy

6.7. Wrea Green Youth Club Restricted Fund.

6.8. 2012/13 Budget Meeting.

7.  FYLDE BOROUGH/LANCASHIRE COUNTY COUNCILS                              15                                       7.1. For Information Purposes Receive:-

a) Report and Update by County Cllr. P. Rigby on any matters affecting Wrea


b) Report and Update by Borough Cllr. F. Andrews on matters affecting Wrea Green.


7.2. LCC Parish & Town Council Conference – 12 November 2011 - Attendee.

7.3. Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places 2011.


Receive update Lancashire Best Kept Village competition.

8.2. North West in Bloom Competition.

8.3. Neighbourhood Plan 2011.


8.4. Remembrance Sunday – 13 November 2011

 9. PARISH COUNCIL ACTIVITIES                                                                        5


9.1.Renewal of Terms of Reference for Christmas Festivities Committee.

 10. HIGHWAYS                                                                                                           5


10.1. The Villa - Proposed Signage on Mill Lane.

 11. CLERK’S REPORT – for Information Purposes                                                 5

 Hadyn J. Gigg                                                            6 SEPTEMBER 2011

Clerk to Ribby with Wrea Parish Council

THE PUBLIC and MEDIA are CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND. The public will be allowed to speak for up to 3 minutes on any issue as long as the Clerk or Chairman is advised in prior to commencement of the meeting.