Parish Council AGM


ON MONDAY  16th. MAY 2011 at 9.00 p.m.


1. Election and Acceptance of Office of the Parish Council Chairman for the forthcoming year.


2. Acceptance of Office by Council Members.


3. Election of Vice Chairman of the Parish Council for the forthcoming year                        )     10


4. Receive Apologies and Declaration of Interests.                                                                               )


5. Receive and Approve the Minutes of the Meeting on the 18 April 2011.                                                                                

6. Consider Make-up of various Council Committees and Councillor Representation:-        10

i) Village Landscape Enhancement Committee. ii) Village Plan Steering Group

iii) Conservation Committee iv) Christmas Activities Committee v) Wrea Green Allotment Society Committee. vi) Village Play Area Development Committee vii) Finance Committee viii) Wray Crescent Development Committee


7. Consider Representation on Other Bodies:-                                                                                             5

i) Fylde Town/Parish Liaison Meetings. ii) LALC, and Fylde Branch Representation, including at AGM and Voting Meetings. iii) Citizens Advice Bureau. iv) Fylde Borough Safety Partnership

v) CPRE Representation vi) Fylde LSP Representation


8. PLANNING MATTERS                                                                                                                 10


8.1.   11/0242 3 Beverley Close      Single Storey Extension to Rear Providing Pool Enclosure.

8.2.   Name of New Redrow Homes Devlopment.


9. FINANCIAL and RISK ASSESSMENT MATTERS and STANDING ORDERS.                          20


9.1. General Financial Matters –

i)     Domicile of Bank accounts.

ii)    New NatWest & Co-operative Banks Mandates.

9.2. Payment of Regular Budgeted Items.

9.3. Grant Arrangements already in 2011/12 Budget.

9.4. New Councillors and Clerks Training Modules 16 & 23 July 2011.

9.5. Insurance Cover for 2011/12.

9.6.  Council’s Investment policy.

9.7. Purchase of new The Local Council Clerk’s Guide.

9.8. CPRE Membership Subscription.

9.9. Payment of Accounts.

a) Confirm payments made b) Agree New Payments.

10. FYLDE BOROUGH and LANCASHIRE COUNTY COUNCILS                                                10

10.1. Lancashire Councillor Report by Cty. Cllr. Paul Rigby

10.2  Fylde Borough Councillor Report by Cllr. Frank Andrews


10.3. School Entrance Markings – Revocation and Prohibition of Parking.


11. OPEN SPACES                                                                                                                                                    15   


11.1. Introduction of Best Kept Allotment Competition.

11.2.  Request for Dropped Kerb on Green from Wrea Green Football Club.

11.3. Enhancement of CCTV at Wray Crescent Play Area & Allotments.


12. CLERK’s REPORT – Receive.                                                                                                             5


13. Discuss and Select the Dates for the Parish Council Meetings for the forthcoming Council Year.










              Clerk to the Parish Council                                                               10 May 2011

THE PUBLIC and MEDIA are cordially invited to attend.   

Residents will be welcome to speak for up to three minutes on any aspect as long as the Chairman or Clerk are advised prior to the meeting.