Parish Council Agenda 18 Sep

The Parish Council Meeting

To be Held at Wrea Green Institute

On 18 SEPTEMBER 2012 at 19.30 hours


1. Apologies and Declaration of Interests.

2. To Receive Written Requests for New DPI Dispensation

3.Receive and Approve the MINUTES of the Meeting of the 13 August &

3 September 2012.



3.1. Receive the Report of the Community Beat Manager                                                     5


4. PLANNING                                                                                                             5


1 .Application:

12/0515    16 Manor Way

                        Proposed Single Storey Rear Extension and Raised Patio.

 5. RECREATION GROUNDS & OPEN SPACES                                                   10                                  

Open Spaces and Greens – Consider

1.Wray Crescent Play Area Extension.

2. Repairs to The Green.

3. Damaged Telephone Line on The Green

6. FINANCIAL and STANDING ORDER MATTERS                                            15                 

Receive and Authorise

1. Parish Council Draft Financial Accounts and Budget Comparisons

as at Year End 31 August 2012. (Appendix 2)


2. Payment of Accounts.

3. Tree Surgeon to Inspect all the Trees for which this Council is Responsible and   any Necessary Action to be Taken.

 7.  FYLDE BOROUGH/LANCASHIRE COUNTY COUNCILS                          15                               

Receive Reports on any matters affecting Wrea Green

1. a) County Cllr. P. Rigby b) Br. Cllr. F.A. Andrews


2. Delegated Powers for Public Rights of Way from Lancashire County Council.

3. Gambling Act Consultation 2013-15.

4. Amenity Cleaning.


8. VILLAGE ACTIVITIES                                                                                        15


1. Dog Fouling in the Village.

2. Road Safety Week – 19-25 November 2012

a) Permission to Put Up Banners in the Village b) Request for a Small Grant.

3. Complaints about Football on The Green.

Receive Update :-

4.. Bonfire Night 5 November 2012.

5. Christmas Activities –Minutes 20 August 2012 (Appendix 3)


9. PARISH COUNCIL ACTIVITIES                                                                      10


1. Remembrance Sunday 11 November 2012.

2. Lancashire Best Kept Village Competition – Results and Presentation at The Villa on 15 October 2012.

3. Three Parishes Dinner 11 October 2012.


4. Alteration to Code of Conduct - Disclosable Pecuniary DispensationNotification.


10. CLERK’S REPORT (Appendix 1) – Receive Report, and obtain clarification where deemed necessary.                                                                                          5







Hadyn J. Gigg                                                                        11 September 2012

Clerk to Ribby with Wrea Parish Council


THE PUBLIC and MEDIA are CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND. The public will be allowed to speak for up to 3 minutes on any issue as long as the Clerk or Chairman is advised in prior to commencement of the meeting.