Minutes Parish Council Meeting 13 June 2011


Held At Wrea Green Institute

On 13 JUNE 2011 at 19.30 Hours

 Present: Cllr. Mrs. J.L. Wardell (Chairman), Cllrs. D. Diggle, J.W. Dobson,

K.J. Lupton,  J.M.  Molyneux, Mrs. P.A. Naylor (Arrived at 19.32 hours),

Mrs. C.E. Wheatman, and Cty. Cllr. P. Rigby

 There were 5 members of the public in attendance.


1.1. Apologies:  Cllr. Mrs. A.E. Uphill and Br. Cllr. F.A. Andrews.

1.2. Declarations of Interest: None received.

 12/28 The MINUTES of the Meeting of the 16 May 2011, which had previously been circulated to all councillors, were approved and signed by the Chairman.


In the absence of PC Dawn Conolly-Perch who sent a PACT report, the Clerk advised that there had been 7 reported crimes in the parish – all at Ribby Hall Leisure Village – two gaming machines being broken into, theft of a bicycle, theft of a wallet, and a theft of drums of cooking oil.  Also there had been reported a burglary and attempted burglary at the new hotel complex.

 The two priorities for the month are the spate of crime at Ribby Hall Leisure Village and dogs worrying livestock at Great Plumpton.

 The May priority concerning the village – sportsmen and youths urinating in public – the police have subsequently patrolled during games and no offences were discovered. The Chairman advised that the cricket club now had signs covering this topic which are placed in strategic places during games.


1. Applications:

11/0237           Ribby Hall Leisure Village

                        Proposed Multi Use Games Area at Rear of Existing Sports Centre


No Objection.


The meeting was opened from 19.35 to 19.38m hours when John Rowson, SWAG, thanked the Council for the strong support received which had resulted in the Richmond Avenue planning application being withdrawn this morning. Likewise the Chairman informed Mr. Rowson that the Council was very appreciative of the SWAG representations on behalf of the villagers.



Open Spaces and Greens:

1.CCCTV at Wray Crescent Play Area and Allotments (Appendix 3) (12/22.3) – The Council RESOLVED to install an enhanced system at a maximum net cost

of £850-00 which would be covered from the Amenity Reserve budget.

2. Land Adjacent Wray Crescent Play Area (12/05.5.) – The Clerk advised that there was no further progress to report at this stage.

3. Play Area Progress (12/05.8) – In the absence of Cllr. Mrs. Uphill there was no update.  There is a meeting arranged for 20 June 2011 when all interested in becoming committee members are to be invited.

4. Allotment – Cllr. Mrs. C.E. Wheatman advised that the Allotment Society did not want an allotment competition.  The Council acknowledged this wish.



1.  Parish Council Budget Comparisons for the Period Ended 28 February 2011

(Appendix 2) – The Clerk advised that due to the existing software crashing he was not able to produce reliable May’s figure work due to the necessity for several invoices being broken up into different budgets.  However, the April figures had previously been circulated prior to the May meeting and he outlined the one month budget comparisons.  On the income side fishing permit fees and allotment rents are well on track and tub sponsorship has made a very good start. The Fylde LSP grant of £2610 was actually received in the first few days of the financial year so grants/villages prizes budget has already been exceeded. As expected at this stage all expenditure is well within budgets. The new hand wash equipment installed in the toilets has been paid for.  Looking forward the only budget likely to be exceeded is that for subscriptions as the LALC membership invoice normally paid in March was late this year and received in April.

2. Internal Auditor’s (Appendix 6)  – The Clerk read out the Mr. A.C. Greening’s Audit report which gave a clean bill of health.

3. Annual Audit

a)  Approval of the Accounting Statement – It was RESOLVED that the Accounting Statement for the Year Ended 31 Match 2011 was a true record and APPROVED by the Council. It was also RESOLVED that that the Statement of Accounts contained in the 2011 Annual return represents fairly the financial position of the Council, and its income and expenditure for the year ended

31 March 2011.

b) Approval of the Annual Governance Statement -  The Clerk went through the Governance Statement, which had also been reviewed earlier on 9 March 2011 p2417 11/155.5, line by line. It was RESOLVED that there was a sound system of internal control and the Annual Governance Statement was APPROVED by the Council.  

4. Investment Policy (Appendix 4) – The Council RESOLVED to accept the Investment Policy prepared by the Finance Committee.

 5. New NALC Version of Standing Orders – At the request of the Clerk as he has been unable to review the document because of broadband problems this matter was deferred until the next meeting..

6. New Accounting Computer Software (Appendix 5) – The Clerk reported that the DOSH financial software system purchased in 2003 for £200, with no ongoing costs, had crashed. This business has not traded since the death of the proprietor.  In the circumstances, as a new package was needed, the Clerk has looked for systems that would be suitable and the costs are outlined in Appendix 5. It was RESOLVED that it would be left to the Clerk to make a final decision subject to the initial cost not exceeding £300.

7.  New Print of Wrea Green Walks – The Clerk advised that the cost for a 1000 of each pamphlet will be in the region of £800.  The Villa has agreed a donation of £500-00 and with the existing donation of £50-00 the Council will have to find circa £250-00, which is in line with the original commitment agreed

p2435 12/08 2. It was RESOLVED that the publication should go ahead on this basis.

8. Payment of Accounts:-

a) The following payments were confirmed:-

1861 FBC                        Water & Electricity         £107-03 net £109-34 gross

1862 Media 21a              Quarterly Newsletter        £200-00 net £204-00 gross

b) The following payments were approved:-

1863  HJ Gigg                  June Salary                       £436.33 net

1864  L Weatherby         June Salary                       £329-00 net

1865  HMRC                   Tax & NIC  - June            £309-84 net

1866  J.Wareing (WG)    Boarding for Allotments £  88-56 net £106-27 gross

1867 J.Wildish Landscp  Contract Work                  £425-00 net £510-00 gross

1868 A.C. Greening          Internal Audit Fee           £  70-00 net   

1869 Field Coast YMCA Kirkham Baths Grant £500-00 net    

1870 Principal Hygiene   Toilet Rolls                         £  34-62 net £ 41-54 gross 

1871 HJ Gigg                                                              £  65-91 net £ 75-11 gross                             Toilets Key                        £    1-87 net £   2-25 gross

                                           Mobile Phone & Top up £  32-47 net £ 34-97 gross

                                           Computer Items               £  31-57 net £  37-89 gross1872 Acer Contracts           Open Space Work/VLEC£245-00 net £294-00 gross

1873 HJ Gigg                   Quarterly Expenses      `  £183-33 net   

                                           Postage                             £ 21-28 net

                                           Broadband                       £ 42-00 net     ``                                         Telephone                        £   8-80 net

                                           Mileage                           £111-25 net   

1874 R.Lancaster & Son                                                                £3936-00 gross                                           Verti-drain Green    £2560-00 net £3072-00 gross

                                         Play Area/Green              £  740-00 net £864-00 gross

1874 Lancs CTP            Workshop - Freedom      £    50-00 net12/33 FYLDE BOROUGH/LANCASHIRE COUNTY COUNCILS

1.1.    Lancashire County Councillor Report  – Cty. Cllr. P. Rigby had nothing relevant to Wrea Green to report.  Cllr. Rigby could not, until his annual allocated fund was confirmed, advise at what amount his agreed contribution to the bollards would be.

The Chairman advised that there were several nasty ruts on Ribby Road and the Willow Drive roundabout was breaking up. Cllr. J.W. Dobson reported that there was a spate of unauthorised advertising on virtually every highway sign around the area. Cllr. Rigby informed the Council that LCC was altering its policy on signage as it was considered that there was   currently too much littering of the highways. Cllr. Rigby is to take up the Ribby Road problems.

2.FFylde borough Councillor Report -  In the absence of Cllr. F.A. Andrews there was no report.

3.FFylde Borough – Development Plan Documents – Core Strategy Consultation – It was RESOLVED that all aspects except “Tourism” were included but as this was so important an issue in the borough it should be given due consideration.

4.  Parish & Town Council Delegated Services Pilot Project – Public Rights of Way – The Clerk advised that there is a pilot scheme in process with Elswick Parish Council included from the Fylde District

4. Lancashire/Parish Charter Consultation – It was RESOLVED that there was no further comment needed.12/34 PARISH COUNCIL MATTERS

1..Freedom of Information & Data Protection Workshop – 4 August 2011 – It was RESOLVED that Cllrs. John Molyneux and Mrs. Chrissy Wheatman would attend at a cost of £50-00.

2. Wrea Green Civic Sunday – 3 July 2011 – The Chairman reported that the event has already been advertised in the church and it is proposed that there will be two anthems. The Clerk has contacted the Borough Council and other town and parish councils. The Chairman is to contact the Rose Queen and her retinue and the Clerk will contact the uniform groups. It was RESOLVED that wine and soft drinks will be offered after the church service in the Church Community rooms.

3. Basic Risk Assessment Form and Guidance and Check List for Hiring an Unfamiliar Building – It was RESOLVED that this form would, in future, be used for larger events and when appropriate.

4. Overhanging Hedges/Trees – It was advised that the hedge of 9 Bryning Lane was overhanging what is already a very narrow footpath and there are trees overhanging Ribby Road at Ribby Hall Leisure Village which are obstructing the footpath. The Clerk will contact both parties.



1.RRestriction of Disabled Parking on Ribby Road Near Red Row Homes Site

It was RESOLVED that overtures will be made to LCC about introducing a restriction on disabled parking at this location.

2. New Bollards on Ribby Road – The Way Forward – The meeting with LCC, as advised in the Clerk’s report, indicates that the overall cost of solid conservation type bollards but with a reflective safety strip, will cost approximately £600. It was then RESOLVED that a safety strip was important in view of the safety aspect at the proposed location. It was also RESOLVED with the conservation chairman’s agreement that the residual amount after Cllr. Rigby’s contribution, will be met from the Conservation Reserve. The Clerk will obtain a photograph of the proposed conservation bollard for the Chairman of the Conservation Group.





 12/36 CLERK’S REPORT (Appendix 1)

This document, which had previously been circulated to all councillors, was noted.


The meeting was opened from 20.42 hours to 20.46 hours for general discussion.


12/37 The Meeting Closed at 20.47 hours. The Next Meeting is on the 11 July 2011.

 Cllr. Mrs. J.L. Wardell          Chairman                                11 July 2011.