9th March – Parish Council Meeting

On Wednesday, 9th. MARCH 2011 At Wrea Green Institute Commencing At 19.30 Hours



1.1. Receive - Apologies and Declarations of Interests.

2. RECEIVE and APPROVE MINUTES OF the Meeting 21 February 2011.


3.1. Receive Community Beat officer’s Report                                                        5

4. PLANNING                                                                                                        50


4.1. Application:

11/0059           Land Adjacent to Richmond Avenue

Outline Application (Access Only) for 54 Dwellings                          Comprising 32 Affordable and 22 General Market                               With Associated New Vehicular Access from                                                 Richmond Avenue and New Pedestrian/Cycle Access                       From Ash Grove

 4.2. Consider Survey of Village re Affordable Housing.

 5. FINANCIAL MATTERS                                                                                                                                                      


5.1. Review and Authorisation of Council Budget position as at 28 February 2011.

5.2. Transfer of Unused Specific Budgets from 2010/11 to 2011/12 Budget.

5.3. Financial Asset review and advice of New Procedures.

5.4. Entry North West in Bloom

5.5. Review of the Effectiveness of Internal Audit

a) Scope of the Internal Audit b) Independence c) Competence d) Relationship

e) Planning and Reporting.

5.6. Request from North West Air Ambulance for Financial Support.

5.7. Payment of Accounts.

 6. OPEN SPACES                                                                                                     10


6.1. 2012 Olympic Committee Car Boot Sale on The Green 30 May 2011.

7 LANCASHIRE COUNTY/FYLDE BOROUGH COUNCILS                             10

Receive Reports on Isues affecting Wrea Green

7.1. a) F.R. Andrews Borough Councillor b) County Cllr. P. Rigby.

 8. PARISH COUNCIL ACTIVITIES                                                                        5


8.1. Sustainable Communities Concept.


8.2. Village Landscape Enhancement Committee Minutes – 24 February 2011.

 9. NALC CONSULTATIONS                                                                                  10


9.1. Community Right to Buy – Assets of Community Value.

9.2. Community Right to Challenge.

 10. CLERKS REPORT                                                                                                5

10.1. Receive Meeting Report.

 Hadyn J. Gigg

Clerk to the Parish Council                                      26 February 2011                  


The Public and Media are cordially invited to attend. A member of the public may address the Council for 3 minutes on agenda items if the Clerk or Chairman is advised before the meeting commences.