13th October PC Meeting


Held At Wrea Green Institute
On 15 September 2014 at 19.30 Hours
Present: Cllr. Mrs. J.L. Wardell (Chairman), Cllrs. J.W. Dobson,  
Ms. P.M. Durran, J.C. Maskell, Mrs. P.A. Naylor, Br. Cllr. F.A. Andrews.
and Cty. Cllr. P. Rigby.

There were three members of the public in attendance.

1. Apologies Cllrs. K.J. Lupton, J. Molyneux, and Mrs. C.E. Wheatman.
2. Declarations of Interest: - None received.
3. Written Request for New SPI Dispensation – None received.

15/70 The MINUTES of the meeting of the 11 August 2014, which had previously been circulated to all councillors, were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Community Beat Officer’s Report:-  PC Charlie McDonald reported:-
• There had been one crime since the last meeting – an alleged rape at Ribby Hall Leisure Village which is still under investigation.
• PC McDonald and PCSO Sterling spend as much time in Wrea Green as possible
• PCSO Sterling has followed up the complaints about cricketers urinating behind the southerly cottages on The Green.
• PCSO Sterling and PC McDonald had followed up the complaints about the Wainhomes development delivery disruption, noise, and swearing which has caused unrest and anxiousness at Richmond and Westbourne Avenues. PC McDonald will aim to arrange another meeting with Wainhomes to try to further iron out the current problems..
• They have both also been in close contact with the Martindale situation to obviate ongoing problems. They are happier now that the manager has changed.
• It is hoped that a traffic officer will attend the next PACT meeting to give more specific views of traffic matters.

1. Applications:-
14/0605 North View Farm, 22 Ribby Road
Proposed Erection of Triple Garage to Side with Driveway and Gates, and 1.2m High Wall to front and Side Raising to 1.4m Adjacent to Proposed Garage location.

No Objection subject to the tiles matching and an adequate drainage system being in place.
1.2.  Proposed Solar Park at Land off Moss Side lane, Nr. Wrea Green – Initial Consultation – The Clerk advised that the information supplied is scant to say the least. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) clearly sets out the national policy for renewable energy and whilst the applicant is not required to demonstrate need, the land in question is good agricultural land.  In this case it does not appear to meet the expected guidelines of the use of brownfield, contaminated, industrial or poorer agricultural land in categories 3b, 4 and 5 and will as a consequence take out of the system much needed best versatile land (BVL). Also there is, at this stage, no evidence that alternative inferior land has been considered for the purpose.
It was RESOLVED that the Council would inform the Pegasus Group that although in favour of low carbon energy systems as the site was considered BVL the Council did not support the venture.
2. Update from CAPOW – There was not a representative in attendance but the councillors had only just received a newsletter which is a full update.

1. Draft – Formal use of The Green (Appendix 3) – It was RESOLVED that this document is included as part of the Standing Orders. 
2. Draft – Mandate  For The Wild Flower Area Group  (Appendix 4) (15/61 3.) – It was RESOLVED that this document is accepted as the mandate for the Wild Flower Group.
3. The Village Pump on the Church Row Green (15/61 1) -  It was RESOLVED that the signage is not to be replaced on the pump and the brackets are to be removed and plugged. Alan Burrows to be commissioned to undertake this work.
4. French Boules Court at Wray Crescent Play Area (15/64.1) – The Chairman advised that she has asked the WI for their proposals. The group currently play in Preston on a shale surface.  It was agreed that this topic is deferred until the next meeting pending further information from the WI.
5. The Future of Wray Crescent Housing Open Spaces – the Clerk advised that the Parish Council originally took over the Wray Crescent open space areas because the Ribby Road end was considered to be a prominent entry location for the village and was not being properly maintained by New Fylde Housing. However, Progress Housing is now in control and has been maintaining the Beverley Close open space to a high standard since it was taken back from the Parish Council.  New tenders covering the forthcoming 3 years are about to be sent out and as Progress Housing has a good record of maintaining green areas, and had increased rents to Wray Crescent tenants on this basis, the Clerk asked the councillors whether it was still appropriate/acceptable/justified for the Parish Council to be taking on this liability. In future weeks, in addition to ongoing grass cutting costs the recent felling of a rotten large plum tree at a cost of
£500-00, there will be an additional cost to prune the oak trees at the Ribby Road end and the need to replace the plum tree.
It was RESOLVED that Progress Housing be advised that the Council proposes obtaining a three year tender for these open spaces and need to be satisfied that the area will not be reclaimed by them during that period.  Also the Council is looking for some financial assistance towards the upkeep. Also if PH is proposing taking back the Wray Crescent open spaces the Council will require full satisfaction that there would be 14 day cuts and the open spaces will be well maintained.
6. Contracts for Grass Cutting – As mentioned in 5 above, the clerk is to submit tenders for the grasscutting activities within the village covering the next three years. The Clerk felt it was appropriate this time, as the wording has not been reviewed for many years, to put before the suggested prime document so that councillors may contribute to the terms and conditions at the October meeting.  It was RESOLVED that this proposal is followed.
7. Benches on The Green – Cllr. J.W. Dobson reported that the George Dobson bench had been hit and damaged by R. Lancaster & Son’s tractor and mower. The Clerk is to approach Richard Lancaster in this respect.  If necessary, Alan Burrows will be asked to undertake the repairs to the base stone.
The bench commemorating Mrs. Fouldys has been removed as it was dangerous. It was suggested that her family is offered the opportunity of replacing the bench. Mr. Bagot has recently spoken to Mrs. Fouldys’ daughter in law and she was not minded to follow this course. Mr. Bagot will approach her again to clarify the situation. In the event that a replacement bench is not to be forthcoming it was RESOLVED that Mrs. Fouldys’ plaque is put on an old bench which has no other connection.

1.  Parish Council Draft Accounts for the Period Ended 31 August 2014
(Appendix 2) – The Clerk circulated and outlined the budget comparisons which were accepted and approved.
2. Payment of Accounts:-
2.1. The following payments were aproved:-
300084 H.J. Gigg  August Salary           £626-78 net
300085 L. Weatherby          August Salary         `  £225-00 net
300086 HMRC  August Payment       `   £173-21 net
300087 J. Wildish Lands Grass Cutting June  £268-00 net £321-60 gr
300088 Principal Hygiene Toilet Rolls   £ 34-62 net £ 41-54 gr
300089 Broker Network Ld Annual Insurance  £875-42 nrt
300090 BDO    Annual Audit   £300-00 net £360-00 gr
300091 Acer Contracts Weed Treatment  £235-00 net £282-00 gr
300092 HJ Gigg                           £386-14 gr
    Computer Stationary £102-17 net £122-60 gr
    BFG Comp – Presentation   £ 56-34 net £  67-61 gr
    Quarterly Telephone  £ 30-00 net
Quarterly Broadband £ 42-00 net
Quarterly Mileage  £104-85 net
Postage   £  19-08 net
300093 Sportmedia  Printing BFGC Certificates  £ 40-00 net 
300094 A. Burrows       £ 49.98 net
    Weed Treatment Garages £ 23-98 net
    Repair Bench on Green £ 16-00 net
    Repair Ladies Hand Wash £ 10-00 net
3. Approve and Accept 2014 Audit – The Clerk advised that the audit had been completed and it was clean with no adverse comments.  It was RESOLVED that it was APPROVED and ACCEPTED by the Council.

4. Insurance 2014/15 – The clerk advised that the renewal had been received from Came and Company, the second year in a three year contract expiring  on
30 September 2016. The premium was reduced from £995-27 in 2013/14 to
£925-18 for 2014/15.  However, as the Council made payment before entering a three year contract last year there was also an additional  discount of £49-76 carried forward reducing the annual cost this year to £875-42.
In addition, to the reduced premium, at no extra cost, the company has included keyman insurance covering the Clerk if unable to work due to accidental injury or illness (for a period longer than 14 days) and the Council had to employ a locum. The Council would then receive payments of £400-00 per week for 26 weeks in any one year.
It was RESOLVED that the existing cover be accepted, and was approved.

1.1 Lancashire County Councillor Report  - Cllr. Rigby reported that:-
• LCC had produced a new Transport Asset Management Plan which is a complete change of policy and has reintroduced the “tarring and stoning” system. It is programmed that all A-C classified roads will be upgraded in 5 years with residential roads upgraded in the following 5 years. Unfortunately, the Fylde area roads are maintained below that currently being enjoyed by the best in the county, primarily East Lancashire.
• The Parish Council was unhappy that the resurfacing work on Ribby Road will now only be from the central mini roundabout to the corner of Manor Road instead of the previously advised section to the current 30/40 mph signage. Cllr. Rigby suggested that it may be beneficial speaking to Sim Lane-Dixon, LCC Public Realm manager.
• Cllr. Rigby was asked to ensure that conservation area road lines are included in the resurfacing section. He asked to be reminded nearer the time.
• Cllr. Rigby was also advised that, following the Wainhomes commencement of the new housing development, the footpaths around Richmond Avenue are broken up and hazardous.
• Councillors have also received complaints about the pavements on First Avenue which are breaking up.  Cllr. Rigby promised to look into both issues.
• With regard to Cllr. Rigby’s agreement to fund the school wall defibrillator box,  he asked the Clerk to complete and submit a claim form, available on the Lancashire Portal.
1.2. Fylde Borough Councillor Report – Cllr. F.R. Andrews advised that:-
• He was pleased that the 100 house Willow Drive planning application was
            unanimously turned down at DMC.
• He has had two meetings with Wainhomes, FBC officers and residents at the Richmond Avenue site and felt that progress had been achieved and some issues “ironed out” including confirmation that the base level of the first houses being built were in accordance with the planning agreement. Regrettably, this development has a very poor access and there are unfortunately some ongoing issues which will no doubt require a further meeting to discuss.
• Governance – FBC is I the course of preparing for the reintroduction of a full Council system in May 2015. It is likely that the committees will each comprise of 12 councillors. Cllr. Andrews considers that the change from cabinet system, the council vehicle utilised by the vast majority of local government bodies, will result in slower decisions.
• The police Commissioner is attending a meeting in November at the Town Hall when members will raise their concerns about not receiving value for money from the Police authority.
• The forthcoming closure to Ribby Road will necessitate those residents to the East of the village taking much longer routes to get to Lytham.

1. Fylde Borough Council – Governance Consultation – This Council felt that
the new system is more democratic and transparent, albeit decisions may take longer.

1. . Christmas Activities – 6 December 2014 (15/64 6.) – Cllr. Mrs. P.A. Naylor advised that there had been no further progress.  Cllr. Dobson was still to contact the Headteacher to ascertain the school’s Christmas proposals. It was agreed that Cllr. Mrs. Naylor would contact the Rose Queen, Holly Wensley to see whether she is able to switch-on the Christmas tree lights.
2. Bonfire Night - 5 November 2014  (15/64 4.) –  The Clerk advised that  St. John Ambulance had been confirmed. He is also in the course of advising FBC, Lancashire Constabulary and The Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service, as well as  the insurers.
3. Remembrance Sunday - 9 November 2014 (15/64  5.) - The Clerk advised that the bugler had been arranged and he was in the course of submitting a road closure application to FBC.
4.  Lancashire Best Kept Village Competition (15/64 3.) (Appendix 5) – The Clerk advised that the village and church gardens were both runners-up and the village toilets were awarded commended.
It was RESOLVED that Cllrs. J.W. Dobson and J.C. Maskell would attend the presentation event at The Villa on 20 October 2014 on behalf of the Council.

1. CPRE Representative Update Since Last Meeting – Cllr. Mrs. P.A. Naylor advised that there had not been a recent meeting. The Clerk reported that he had attended the CPRE Regional Energy Workshop on 10 September and was advised that the CPRE Fylde will no doubt close.

 1. LCC Proposed Changes to 20 mph Areas within the Parish – The latest LCC proposal was circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting.  After a long discussion it was RESOLVED that  the Council felt that general speed levels had reduced since the introduction of the 20 mph limit albeit not within that limit. In the circumstances, based on feedback, it was considered that the status quo was still the best arrangement and there would also be no further cost.
 2.Highway General Matters – Raised in the County councillor section.

15/79  CLERK’S REPORT (Appendix 1)
The Clerk’s report, which was circulated to all members before the meeting, was noted and accepted.

15/80 The Meeting Closed at 21.28 Hours
The Next Meeting is on the 13 October. 2014.            



Cllr. Mrs. J.L. Wardell –Chairman     13 October 2014.



The Clerk: Hadyn J. Gigg MBE    Plumpton House
        Plumpton Lane
        Great Plumpton
Telephone 07920 255880     Preston
E-Mail parishcouncil@wreagreen.com   Lancashire

             The Parish Council Meeting
To be Held at Wrea Green Institute
On 13 OCTOBER 2014 at 19.30 hours

1. a) Apologies b)  Declaration of Interests. c) Written Request for New DPI Dispensation.

2. Receive and Approve the MINUTES of the Meeting of the 15 September 2014.

3. OPEN SESSION relating to Solar Park at Moss Side Lane.     30

1. Receive the Report of the Community Beat Manager                                           5

5. PLANNING              45
1. Planning Application
14/0661 Land at End of Bryning Lane
  Outline Application for Erection of Two Storey Detached Dwelling
  And Garage (Access, Layout and Scale Applied For)

14/0680  Ribby Hall Leisure Village
  Proposed Single Storey Kitchen Extension for Restaurant.

14/0686 Manor House, The Green
  Proposed Installation of Two Balconies to Side/Rear Elevation with Associated
  Alteration of Windows to Form Doorways.

14/0696 Land North of Moss Side Lane and South of The Railway
  Installation of Ground mounted Photvoltaic Solar Arrays to Provide Approximately
18MW Generation Capacity Together with Power Inverted Systems. Transformer Stations, Internal Access Track, Landscaping; Deer Fencing and Associated Gate.

14/0705 Dale Farm, Browns Lane
  Proposed Detached Garage with First Floor Store/Play Room Over.

2. WainHomes – Ongoing Nuisance of Development off Richmond Avenue

3. CAPOW update.

5. RECREATION GROUNDS & OPEN SPACES                20                                 
Open Spaces and Greens –
1.  French Boules Area at Wray Crescent Play Area.
2. The Future for The Wray Crescent Housing Open Spaces.
3. Contractor Grass Cutting Tenders 
4. Benches on the Greens and Open Spaces.
5. Fishing Permit Fees

6. FINANCIAL and STANDING ORDER MATTERS                                            15                
Receive and Authorise
1. Parish Council Draft Financial Accounts and Budget Comparisons
as at Month End 30 September 2014 (Appendix 2).
2. Payment of Accounts.
3. Wainhomes Donation.

7.  FYLDE BOROUGH/LANCASHIRE COUNTY COUNCILS                             10                                     Receive Reports on any matters affecting Wrea Green:-
1. a) County Cllr. P. Rigby     b) Br. Cllr, F.R. Andrews

8. VILLAGE ACTIVITIES    .      10
Receive an Update:-
1. Christmas Activities by Cllr. P.A. Naylor
2  Bonfire Night – 5 November 2014 by the Clerk.
3. Remembrance Sunday- 10 November 2014 by the Clerk.
4. Increase to Fireworks Budget.

9. HIGHWAYS.                                                        5
1. General Matters -

Receive Report, and obtain Clarification where deemed necessary.     5

Hadyn J. Gigg      9 September 2014
Clerk to Ribby with Wrea Parish Council

THE PUBLIC and MEDIA are CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND. The public will be allowed to speak for up to 3 minutes on any issue as long as the Clerk or Chairman is advised in prior to commencement of the meeting.


The Parish Council will meet on 13th october at 7.30pm in the Institute