Parish Council Meeting Agenda

The Parish Council Meeting To be Held at Wrea Green Institute On 13 JUNE 2011 at 19.30 hours        AGENDA 1. Apologies and Declaration of Interests.   2. Receive and Approve the MINUTES of the Meeting of the 16 May 2011.   3. POLICE/CRIME and DISORDER 3.1. Receive the Report of the Community Beat Manager                                                     5   4. PLANNING Consider                                                                                                                      10 1.Application: 11/0237  Ribby Hall Leisure Village                         Proposed Multi Use Games Area to Rear of Existing Sports Centre.   5. RECREATION GROUNDS & OPEN SPACES                                                 20                                   Open Spaces and Greens Consider 1. CCTV at Wray Crescent Play Area and Allotments Receive update reports:- 2. Land Adjacent Wray Crescent Play Area. 3. Play Area Progress.   6. FINANCIAL and STANDING ORDER MATTERS                                            25                  Receive 1. Parish Council Draft Financial Accounts and Budget Comparisons as at Period Ended 30 April 2011. Consider;- 2. Internal Auditor’s Comments. 3  a)  Annual Audit – Approval of the Accounting Statement.    b)  Annual Audit – Approval of Annual Governance Statement. 4. Investment Policy re Report. 5. New NALC Version of Standing Orders. FINANCIAL & STANDING ORDERS (CONTINUED) 6. New Accounting Computer Software. 7. New Print of Wrea Green Walks. 8. Payment of Accounts a) Confirm those paid. b) Agree payment of other accounts.    7.  FYLDE BOROUGH/LANCASHIRE COUNTY COUNCILS                            15                                     Receive Reports on any matters affecting Wrea Green 1. a) Cty Cllr. P. Rigby b) Br. Cllr, F.R. Andrews Consider: 2. Fylde Borough - Development Plan Documents  - Core Strategy Consultation 3. Parish & Town Council Delegated Services Pilot Project - Public Rights of Way. 4 Lancashire/Parish Charter Consultation.   8. PARISH C OUNCIL MATTERS Consider                                                                                                                     15
  1. 1.      Freedom of Information & Data protection Workshop – 4 August 2011.
  2. 2.      Wrea Green Civic Sunday – 3 July 2011. 
 3.   Basic Risk Assessment Form & Guidance and Check list for Hiring an          U   Unfamiliar Building.   9. HIGHWAYS                                                                                                           10 Consider: 1.Restriction of Disabled Parking on Ribby Road Near Redrow Homes site. 2. New Bollards on Ribby Road – The Way Forward.   10. CLERK’S REPORT (Appendix 1) – Receive Report, and obtain Clarification where deemed necessary.                                                                                          5       Hadyn J. Gigg                                                            7 June 2011 Clerk to Ribby with Wrea Parish Council   THE PUBLIC and MEDIA are CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND. The public will be allowed to speak for up to 3 minutes on any issue as long as the Clerk or Chairman is advised in prior to commencement of the meeting.