RIBBY WITH WREA PARISH COUNCIL AFFORDABLE HOUSING IN WREA GREEN SURVEY  The Council values the residents feedback on the need for affordable housing in the village and the councillors will be very grateful if you could take time to complete this survey.     To clarify what affordable housing actually means a succinct explanation follows:-  The provision of affordable housing by private sector developers is now normal, supported by the last and the coalition governments in order to create balanced and inclusive communities.  Affordable housing includes social rented and two forms of intermediate housing provided to specified eligible households whose needs are not met by the normal housing market. The properties must be available at an affordable cost, and remain available for future eligible households. Social rented housing is normally owned and managed by housing associations. Rents are determined through the national rent regime.
  •  Intermediate affordable housing includes shared equity/ownership where housing is provided at affordable prices by a combination of sale and intermediate rent.  Such housing is at prices and rents above those of social housing but below market levels. 
  •  Intermediate affordable housing also includes low cost market housing. This is where a property is offered for initial sale for no more than four times the current average gross residence-based income for the borough which is circa £25000.  These homes are usually small and have relatively low specification.  They will sell for in the region of £100,000 and are popular for first time buyers.
  •   Affordable housing in rural areas should only meet the needs of that community
  •  Three affordable properties are included in the recently approved Redrow Homes Smithy Fold development application. They will be social rented.
  •  Affordable housing is not cheap housing for households with income above £25000 or with the capacity to purchase a home through the normal market.
PLEASE COMPLETE THE QUESTIONNAIRE AND HAND IT IN AT THE SPAR. DOES THE VILLAGE NEED ANY MORE AFFORDABLE HOMES?     YES/NO IF SO, HOW MANY DO YOU CONSIDER NECESSARY?                                …………..              WHAT FORM OF HOUSING DO YOU CONSIDER IS NEEDED?                                                                         Social Housing         Delete as appropriate                          Low Cost Purchase                                                                         Low Cost rent/purchase   Please indicate if there is anyone in your household or close family that would benefit from affordable housing as outlined above. Please indicate how many – Partners count as One.      -------------------- DO YOU CONSIDER THERE IS A NEED FOR SHELTERED ACCOMMODATION/ RETIREMENT BUNGALOWS IN THE VILLAGE                                             YES/NO             PLEASE HAND IN AT SPAR by 15 APRIL 2011