Field Day


In 1924, a group of girls from the Village decided to have their own Rose

Queen after seeing the Lytham Rose Queen procession. There were seven girls,

so they decided between themselves who would be the Queen, who would

crown her and who would be her attendants. The remainder would be in

fancy dress and one carried a banner asking to support Dr Barnardo's.


A crown was made by the eldest girl, as she had just been taught to make

roses from scraps of material. The Queen's train was a long white lace

curtain and a bouquet of flowers was picked from a village garden. The little

procession set off to walk round the Green, but only got half way round

before nerves got the better of them, They retreated to a garden at the

rear of a house in Park Terrace and held the crowning ceremony there.


The following year, 1925, they did walk all the way round the Green and

collected £1. 6s. 8d. (£1.33p) for Dr. Barnardo's. The crowning was

undertaken by Mrs E Sergeant on the lawn of The Elms and the money

collected was presented to her as she was the President of the local branch

of Dr. Barnardo's.


The parents of the children were so impressed that they got together in

1926 to form a Committee and that is how the Rose Queen Field Day was



Since then there have been over 70 Wrea Green Rose Queens as listed

elsewhere, although some of the names are missing, so if you can help to

fill any of the gaps, we would be pleased to hear from you!


Last year was the 90th anniversary of the first Wrea Green Rose Queen and

we were very pleased that Alice Parkinson, who took part in that very first

Rose Queen procession, was again able to take part. She also told us that

Blanche Harrison was the first Rose Queen thus filling one of the gaps in

our list.


Click here to view the roll of Rose Queens in previous years.


Field Day is a village institution and a colourful day out for family and friends.
Click here to view pictures of previous field days.


Each year some of the towns and villages on the Fylde appoint a Queen from amongst the young girls in their area to represent the community at various events for the following year. Each community has an allotted weekend in June or July. Wrea Green Field Day is in late June or early July, following Kirkham and preceding Lytham.

The crowning of our Rose Queen is accompanied by various activities to make a special day. These include:

Processions around the village green

Fancy dress competition

Morris dancing

Decorated floats

Marching Bands


Farmers Market

Children’s and Adult sports





The procession and adult sports are open to all the family of residents and also includes grandchildren, friends of residents and those who attend the school.

The children’s refreshments and sports are limited to the children and grandchildren of residents and those who attend the school. However everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the day and the village usually has many visitors.




The objectives of Field Day are to provide a memorable day of fun and entertainment for the community.  Field Day relys on a small army of volunteers who work hard to make the day a success and the organising committee wish to thank everyone who contributed time, effort and financial support.


It costs over £4,000 to run Field Day and this is all provided by door to door collections and contributions from local business. As a result, local children receive free ride tickets on the fair and everyone is able to enjoy the bands and carnival spectacle.


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