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Flower Club

The Flower club meet at 7.30 pm in Wrea Green school every third Tuesday of the month except for July, August and December. A flower arranging demonstrator attends every meeting and will do 6 or 7 arrangements on a theme. In addition we have a plant stall, a sales table for flower arranging sundries and a publications stand.

Wrea Green Flower Club is just one of many clubs around the country affiliated to the National Association of Flower Arranging Societies.

A warm welcome is assured to guests.

For further details contact:
Joyce Taylor on 01772 492044 or Dorothy Kelso 01995 671543


Scottish Dancing

In Abeyance.

Women's Institute

We are a democratic, educational and social organisation that is non-sectarian and non-party political. The aim is to improve and develop the quality of life, for women and their families and advance the education of women in public and international issues.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday in the month at 7.15pm in the School Hall. Our meetings are friendly and fun. We have a short business meeting, a speaker, refreshments and a social time. December is our Christmas party time for members only followed by entertainment by our own drama group and in August it is our outing day. We have a walking group, gardening group, book group, adventure group and French conversation group. Unfortunately, because of restrictions to numbers in the hall, we are not accepting new members at present. However visitors are welcome to attend up to three meetings without charge and can ask to be placed on the waiting list.

For further information please contact President Jenny Gleave 01772 446125 or Secretary Helen Hooley 01772 681790.

Programme 2017-2018

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday in the month at 7.15pm in the School Hall

Annual subscription: £39


10 January 2017

Speaker:                          Sandra Perkins

I am Who I am Because …..

Social Time:                    Pointless

Tea Hostess:                  Pattie Walton

Helpers:                           Ann Andrews, Judith Appleton, Jean Bannister, Lynda Blower



7 February 2017

Speaker:                          Sharon Wadsley

Humorous Verse

Social Time:                    Treasure Hunt

Competition:                 A limerick

Tea Hostess:                  Jenny Gleave

Helpers:                           Christine Bradshaw, Margaret Bridge, Ann Bucklow, Margaret Campion



7 March 2017

Members Evening


8 March 2017

LFWI Spring Council Meeting, Southport



4 April 2017

Speaker:                          Raymond Smith

Stones and Roses Garden

Social Time:                    Garden Quiz

Tea Hostess:                  Jane Beardmore

Helpers:                           Jacqueline Clarkson, Ros Cockrill, Jan Cookson, Dulcie Cooper


2 May 2017                     RESOLUTIONS

Speaker:                          Sarah Rickerby

Belly Dancing

Tea Hostess:                  Helen Chappell

Helpers:                           Brenda Cooper-Longworth, Mary Cuffe, Jill Dixon, Josie Fawcett



13 June 2017

Speaker                           John Stirling

From Toy Town to Buckingham Palace

Social Time:                    Beetle Drive

Competition:                 A Flower from your Garden

Tea Hostess:                  Mary Lewis

Helpers:                           Evelyn Gilmore, Lynda Graham, Marjorie Hargreaves, Teri Harwood


7 June 2017                     NFWI Annual Meeting, Liverpool


4 July 2017

Speaker:                          Alysia Gilda


Social Time:                    Quiz

Tea Hostess:                  Barbara McLean

Helpers:                           Dorothy Hodgson, June Warbrick, Estelle Humber, Elizabeth Jackson


1 August 2017                August Outing


5 September 2017

Speaker:                          David Tomlinson

Warburtons Bread

Social Time:                    Card Bingo

Tea Hostess:                  Kristine Murray

Helpers:                           Yvonne James, Betty Jolley, Julia Jones, Maggie Kenward


3 October 2017             


County Show Exhibits

Social Time:                    Games Evening

Tea Hostess:                  Frances King

Helpers:                           Cherith Knott, Christine Knox, Virginia Leigh, Sally McCaffrey


7 November 2017

Speaker:                          Frances Benton

A Passion for Pearls

Social Time:                    Retail therapy

Competition:                 A photograph of Autumn

Tea Hostess:                  Carole Williams

Helpers:                           Adrienne Miller, Annie Mullin, Eileen Nelson, Avril Owen


5 December 2017

Christmas Party


9 January 2018

Speaker                           John Boe

                                         Military Talk

Social Time:                    Card Jigsaws

Tea Hostess:                  Val Parker

Helpers:                           Paddy Parker, Davina Parker-Murphy, Marie Pickles, Anne Spence


 Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

The Wrea Green branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution was formed in 1962 and has been waving the flag in the village ever since! We have an ever enthusiastic committee who work their socks off approximately four times a year raising money in a variety of different ways. To date we have one gold award, two silver awards and eight bronze awards to our credit and it helps us all to know that Head Office appreciate our efforts! We are always looking for new recruits for our committee, who are a friendly crowd, and would welcome the new ideas and energies newcomers could bring. We average six committee meetings per year.

Should you wish to know more about the RNLI try or else come along to one of our meetings. Contact Doreen Knight on 01772 682930 or email