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CAPOW    1.1     FBC  Email Address for Objection Letters
Community Association for the Protection of Wrea Green Together we are Stronger! Update No 41 10 April-7 May 2017    CAPOW Update 41
The next issue is due to be emailed on 2 June 2017 CAPOW    1.1     FBC  Email Address for Objection Letters For general information the email address to which ANY objection letters     must be sent is All emails/letters should quote the application number and address of the application. 1.2 As with last year, the Parish Council has kindly contributed towards our funds. We are grateful to receive this, although over the year we have had NO disbursements. All day to day running costs and time are covered by individual members, without any charge. However, should any of you wish to make a donation, this would be appreciated although is not necessary at this time as the bank balance is reasonably healthy, UNLESS we get a major cost. All major costs will only be incurred with the agreement of, at least, three Committee Members and even the minor costs require approval by two committee members as part of the cheque signing process.
2 1.3  Only one new member joined CAPOW this month, but that is better than none or a net loss, through residents leaving the Village. Our ranks now number 115. 2 The Villa (No SHLAA reference as this is a Commercial Development) 2.1 FBC Planning advised that corrective action on Condition breaches is still outstanding in October 2016. FBC Planning confirmed that there were some technical issues with the new system but further reminders have since gone unanswered. It is now nearly 7 months since the issues were re-raised. 3 Richmond Avenue – 54 properties (SHLAA reference WG17) 3.1 These matters were raised by to Parish Councillors with the LCC Flood Risk Manager, following the appearance of the ditch at the Fieldings on one of the LCC demonstration boards (early March). The LCC Flood Risk Unit is to review the position, so currently no further reminders are being issued to FBC. The Parish Clerk reminded the Chief Exec of LCC regarding this (10 April) and matters are in hand to review the position by LCC.    4 Land East of Willow Drive Reserved Matters – 86 properties (Part of SHLAA reference WG14) Applications 16/0431 and 16/0909 4.1 The complaints about obstructing the road and mains water being cut off have continued to abound. The Parish Council had an Agenda item to discuss issues, on 12 April and it was agreed that the Parish Council will write to FBC Planning in relation to the continuing problems. 4.2 In addition to the above CAPOW have written to UU to obtain the reason for the continuing problems with cutting off water supplies to 100 houses AND the absence of any pre-warning to most residents. A report is awaited. 4.3 A further series of problems arose on 13 April with too many lorries arriving/leaving at one time, which blocked Willow Drive, and arrivals before 8am. On this occasion FBC replied that they are to “consider further action should matters not be resolved”. This action was for waiting lorries to be “housed” temporarily” in the lay-by near Ribby Hall until space to enter the site directly is available – however this was ALWAYS in the Construction Plan – except the location was not specified! The problems with early arriving lorries now seem to have subsided with only the occasional early arrival.
3 We have additionally been made aware, thanks to a vigilant resident, that Story Homes were fined in Cumbria for breaching the laid down construction plan there. 4.4 On 18 April, a large lorry reversing out of the site knocked down a lamp post which damaged a resident’s car, parked within the resident’s driveway. This COULD have caused serious injury or even a death as these concrete posts are heavy. Neither a Health & Safety Executive nor Police Investigation is to take place as “no-one was injured” and the incident was off-site. 4.5 On 20 April, queuing lorries were AGAIN in evidence in Willow Drive and this was duly reported to FBC Planning, without the courtesy of a response! However, this has not occurred again since.   4.6 The position regarding both sections of the surface water removal ditch is still to be clarified. 4.7 The below photo shows the tail end of a “posse” of lorries arriving at 7.59 on 6 May. The lorries are uncovering their loads as they drive up Willow Drive. However, all lorries were able to drive directly into the site. 5 54 Bryning Lane – 36 properties (SHLAA Reference WG 20) 5.1 A document was posted on the FBC website purporting to clarify/provide solutions to a number of outstanding issues. Unfortunately this merely indicated other potential problems. CAPOW sent an email on 8 April to FBC Planning highlighting these potential problems (Mention of this email was omitted from the last Update – apologies!). 5.2 Emails have been exchanged with County Highways concerning all relative matters regarding this application, including the proposed bus
4 stops positioning, the required visibility splays, traffic counts/speeds, traffic calming measures etc. The generic response was that safety is paramount and that requirements will be in relation to the perceived safety issues, taking account of speeds (County Highways advised that they would not approve any increase in this area to above 20mph) and other matters. The position still has to be reviewed by County Highways regarding a number of matters. A subsequent meeting with the Police Advisor on Traffic Management was held to discuss matters arising, including the absence of traffic calming measures on the approach to the development entrance from the south. His report, following discussions with his County Highways Engineer contact, is awaited. We are unaware of the type of traffic calming measures proposed/required between the site and the Village Centre. Mere markings on the road or even more signs will just not be effective, just as they are not now.   6 Application 16/1028 Land off the end of Bryning Avenue with access through land next to 38 Bryning Lane for 41 properties (SHLAA reference WG05/15). 6.1 Three revised plans were added to the FBC Planning website (18 April). Two cover landscaping and one is a revision to the layout. However there is still a road shown as spanning the water course. This seems to be acceptable to UU (their response posted 3 May) although we cannot see any revised surface water drainage proposals. Nevertheless we still have to unacceptable position with sustainability too. Further additional documents have since been posted on the FBC Planning website, the most important of which is a “contra-response” to County Highways concerns. However this does not appear to address County Highways concerns about ingress/egress to Bryning Lane or the required Visibility Splay, as far as we can tell. It does, however, prompt County Highways to accept smaller turning radii. 7 Application 17/0005 Land at 53 Bryning Lane – 20 properties (part of SHLAA reference WG18). 7.1 No further developments to date.     8 Application 17/0138 land to the rear of 91 Ribby Road – 8 properties (No SHLAA reference) 8.1 A revised draft plan was submitted for Plot 1 in April and posted 25 April. However this is still for a dormer bungalow.
5 8.2 Traffic speed and volume data “Golden River” strips have been deployed on Ribby Road for a week, presumably in relation to this application. 8.3 On 3 May, County Highways indicated no objections to this application, subject to the necessary provision of detail concerning traffic calming and gateway proposals, which have yet to be submitted to meet their requirements. 9 Application - 17/0146 48 houses west of the Brooklands – 48 properties (SHLAA reference WG16) 9.1 No further developments to date. 10  Fylde Borough Council Emerging Plan 2011 to 2032 (Examination 28/29 March) 10.1 On 11 April (a few days after the last CAPOW Update was issued, unfortunately), we received confirmation that the Inspector IS satisfied that FBC have co-operated with Wyre BC overall Wyre’s perceived housing shortfall, as far as is possible at the current stage of Wyre’s own Local Plan. However, the Inspector still requires to know how FBC can help Wyre with their shortfall and also how Fylde have allocated specific housing numbers to specific locations. This latter query relates to the 4 Service Centres of Lytham & St Annes, Fylde-Blackpool Periphery, Warton and Kirkham & Wesham. It is possible that the answers MAY impact on Tier 1 Rural Villages, such as Wrea Green. Given the little allocation to Lytham or St Annes (not within the periphery area of Blackpool), this question seems VERY insightful and is what many “locals” have been asking too, but with the inclusion of Freckleton (which has a good infrastructure and amenities, but which seems to be excluded from just about any development). FBC have until 10 May (extended by one week at FBC request) to respond to the Inspector’s further questions. This means that Stage 2 of the Plan Examination will continue. Although more precise dates are yet to be agreed, Stage 2 is to commence on 20 June. 11 Housing Supply 11.1 Until the OAHN (Objectively Assessed Housing Need – please remember what OAHN (OAN for short) stands for as it is likely to figure a lot in the coming months and is the housing number requirement) is agreed by the Examining Inspector, this remains at 5.58 years supply, based on the Liverpool Method of calculation. This figure is only updated annually (the minimum NPPF requirement) by Fylde. Changes in the method of
6 calculation and matters arising from Stage 2 of the Local Plan Examination could affect this. 12 National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 12.1 The Framework was introduced in April 2012 and it is considered that some aspects are not working well. The Framework is to be reviewed “in the near future” by Government and CAPOW have provided input to the prioritising of changes via our association with CoVoP (Community Voice on Planning), which we joined in the latter part of last year. Summary of Outstanding/Ongoing Matters At DMC level – Application 16/1028 for 41 houses, west of Bryning Lane (expected to be before the DMC in May 2017). Application 17/0005 land Adjacent to 53 Bryning Lane (expected to be before the DMC in May 2017). Application 17/0138 land behind 91 Ribby Road (not expected to be before the DMC until May 2017 or later) Application 17/0146 land west of The Brooklands (not expected to be before the DMC until May 2017 or later). Awaited/Expected – None known Other Issues – Monitoring of compliance with Construction Plan Conditions and other matters at Richmond Avenue, North View Farm and off Willow Drive (all on going), to which 54 Bryning Lane will be added in due course. Currently, as you will have seen above, Willow Edge has been the subject of most complaints/issues. We do note that a number of properties on the Fieldings are already for re-sale, even though there are some which STILL have yet to be sold initially. John Rowson Chairman of the Community Association for the Protection of Wrea Green 7 May 2017
9 New Application - 17/0146 48 houses west of the Brooklands (SHLAA reference WG16) 9.1 We were pre-advised that this application has been received and was registered on 23 February. So much for the pre-application consultation! The CAPOW Objection letter was submitted on 26 February.   The key issues raised were – a) Lack of sustainability, including potential to overwhelm Village Facilities and infrastructure.  b)Poor road width and road safety issues both in The Brooklands and onto Dubside – given the measured and reported 85 percentile speed of vehicles passing the top of The Brooklands.
5 c) Lack of Land Classification, use of agricultural land, outside the Settlement Area.            d) Spoiling on the only quiet and rural part of the Village left and alongside a Public Right of Way.   e) Adding even more to Wrea Brook flows leading to the potential for flooding.  f) Lack of Community Need (in the main, as far as identifiable) for the type of properties proposed.  g) Poor quality and rushed public consultation, with incomplete summarisation and only emailed responses. 9.2 As with 8.3, this application is on the Parish Council Agenda for 6 March at the Institute from 7.30. Please come along and make your opinions known so these can be taken into account. 10  Fylde Borough Council Emerging Plan 2011 to 2032 10.1 The Hearing for the review of the Local Plan is to commence on 27 March. The Inquiry Inspector has already asked FBC for supporting evidence for a number of the proposals. You can keep up to date with matters by following this link - The FBC response to the preliminary questions raised by the Inspector reviewing the Local Plan can be found through the same web-link. It runs to 19 pages so has not been reproduced here. 10.2 There are 71 “Representors” on the Inquiry list, of which CAPOW is one. Only two Parish/Town councils are so registered and neither is Ribby with Wrea Parish Council. However the issued Local Plan showed NO intended development in Wrea Green from now until 2032. However, it is most likely we will have to defend against Developers proposals (see para 10.1 in CAPOW Update 36 issued in 4 December) in support of FBC. Needless to say, there are numerous developers listed, many of which have their sights on Wrea Green (just for profit)! Almost all developers are using professional consultants to represent them. 11 Flooding 11.1 A resident reminded LCC on 22 November that their report on drainage issues in Ribby Road has been outstanding since that date. There still appear to be two blockages in a drainage culvert on private land which have NOT been attended to and LCC have still to jet out the previously blocked culvert caused by the Ribby Road blockage. We are not currently aware of any change.
6 11.2 Paul Rigby, our County Councillor, advised at the last PC Meeting that, for the first time in 36 years, the Environment Agency have cleaned vegetation from Main Drain, Liggard Brook and Wrea Brook and for Wrea Brook have cleared the tidal flaps in Dock Road. For Wrea Green purposes, this SHOULD allow water to flow more freely down Wrea Brook provided that there are no bottlenecks upstream. However there are such bottlenecks - under Station Road and at Ricksby Grange. We will just have to see how these bottlenecks cope during a prolonged downpour (photos required, please). 12 White Paper on “Broken Housing Market” 12.1 On behalf of CAPOW and the Neighbourhood Plan Committee, I have responded to the Consultation on this White Paper. The key matters (and this note covers only a very small part of the 36 pages of questions/notes) raised the following – a) Housing needed HAS to be by type and location, so that the right type of housing is built in the right place (also part of the interviews mentioned in 1.2). b) Failure of Developers, Local Planning Authorities and Appeal Inspectors to adhere to the NPPF definition of sustainability and the need to clarify the full implications of sustainability. The White Paper says that sustainability needs to be spelt out further. Coincidentally (or not), we understand the FBC Planning have been requested to provide their own definition of sustainability (per Frank Andrews at the 8 February PC Meeting). Our response also covered the provision of housing as required by the Fylde – being said to be 370 units pa of which 249 are “affordable”, mainly required in Urban Areas, and how approved development is NOT following this pattern by ANY means. c) That “performing Local Planning Authorities” (LPAs) should not have to take up the shortfalls in LPA areas where failures are evident (judging by the Inquiry Inspector’s queries this is likely to be an issue for Fylde in respect of Wyre under allocation!).   d) The overwhelming of and destruction of “small communities” by excessive development. e) In conjunction with d) the total lack of infrastructure improvements to support even currently approved development. f) Agreement with the shorting of approval time for a developer to START on a site (reduced to 2 years from 3). However this does not mean houses
7 will be completed more quickly – a point made. Failure to develop through land-banking. g) Failure by Statutory Consultees to identify existing problems before “approving” a site – and the use of Conditions to try and resolve issues. h) The need to maintain compliance with noise reduction processes and other matters per the Construction Plan during the development of a site. i) Agreement with the proposal to encourage multi-builder construction sharing on larger sites to ensure faster delivery. Summary of Outstanding/Ongoing Matters At DMC level – Application 16/1028 for 41 houses, west of Bryning Lane (not expected to be before the DMC until March or April). Application 17/0005 land Adjacent to 53 Bryning Lane (not expected to be before the DMC until April 2017). Application 17/0138 land behind 91 Ribby Road (not expected to be before the DMC before May 2017) Application 17/0146 land west of Brooklands Avenue (not expected to be before the DMC until May 2017). Awaited/Expected – None known Other Issues – Monitoring of compliance with Construction Plan Conditions and other matters at Richmond Avenue, North View Farm and off Willow Drive (all on going), to which 54 Bryning Lane will be added, once a Construction Plan is confirmed and work starts.  Information relating to these is shown above. John Rowson Chairman of the Community Association for the Protection of Wrea Green 5  April 2017