The Wrea Green group was formed over 30 years ago and we're still going strong.  We enjoy arranging a variety of events during the year, with the emphasis on fun and friendship.  Our aim and purpose is to raise money to help the most vulnerable children and to help create the opportunity for all young people to transform their lives and fulfill their potential free from poverty, abuse and discrimination.

Barnardos were best known for their homes - the last one closed in the 1980s - but we do continue to work with children and young people who live in the community,  giving hope to the many disadvantaged.  The North West continues to be one of the most underprivileged areas in the UK and last year we helped 99,560 children across the country, 15,342 of them live in the North West.

Further details from Carole Schofield Tel: 01772 672346  or email